What if the Unemployed possessed Killer Recruiter Skills?

The holidays are right around the corner where it’s now a time to reflect on the year that is near its end and, 2011, the new year to come. A time to get together with close friends and family and perhaps ... A time to think of those not so fortunate - where volunteering to help those in need might be a reminder of how thankful and grateful we should be..., for what we do have.

As Recruiting Professional I thought, what if I were in a different profession and, because of current economic times, I became part of that unfortunate statistic- a member of the newly unemployed ... the not so fortunate. My holiday celebrations stifled, clouded with my thoughts of an uncertain future.

Taking a full assessment of my predicament, I have surmised that the longer I stay unemployed the more difficult it will be to rejoin the work force. I need a game plan ready right after the holidays are completed. I am also equipped luckily, with the skills of a Killer Recruiter... It’s time to get cracking...

In between parties, family gatherings, cake, turkey, rum punch, and more food ... I look at multiple job opportunities posted on popular job sites I prepare multiple versions of my resume all geared to the language and content used in the job descriptions as it applies to my experience and different aspects of my profession. Some of the resumes are structured to cover roles that would position me $10k to $15k above my last base salary and in other resumes atleast $10k below. Great I got the `` I am over-qualified excuse covered``... and ... I have prepared and rehearsed the sell conversation for each of these resume formats.

I put the word out to close friends and family that I am looking and to let me know if anything interesting shows up on the radar ... I hit the phone with colleagues I have worked with in the past to let them know my situation and to also keep their ears on alert ..

I call up specific recruiters that I have researched or have worked it in the past who know my world and recruiters who have established direct decision maker relationships and most importantly know how to sell me and my skills.

Jumping online I check out networking events that cater to my industry and also find out before hand who is attending these events. When attending these events my goals are clear: have that 30 second intro ready, be prepared to exchange those business cards and be ready to call those prospects the following week. I want to meet for a coffee, 10- 15 minutes is all I need. I am not going to ask for a Job instead , I`ll ask about the industry, the company, its direction, theirs... and, through that conversation I can say by the way I am on the market. People love to impart useful knowledge to willing listeners. I have paid the seller of that knowledge a great compliment.

It`s now time to hit the Social Media Networks not just LinkedIN, there is a whole host of other Business Social Networking sites that can be utilized http://t.co/KxjLMaP ... This is where I can get really creative by mapping out the companies I am interested in and looking at key decision makers within those companies. I want to make a direct connection with them but more importantly I have done my research on the contacts I wish to connect with, I can have an intelligent conversation about who I am and my interest without asking directly for a job right away. All of my professional profiles online have a common theme and I have branded myself appropriately to reach my target audiences.

Now I need to think of a useful Blog I can Join or start - where I could provide useful information while advertising my expertise. I would also fine tune those objectives where neither over powers the other. Promote that blog across the Social Media Network through Twitter and sites like Digg and Stumbleupon. I can also do the same by contributing to online industry groups and forums, like those found on LinkedIn.

Its Monday Jan 3rd and 2011 has arrived ... The clouds are lifted, my thoughts are clear - my game plan in hand – the phone has a dial tone.. I am ready to rock ... I got to let you go... I have to take this call ...

To my fellow Recruiting and HR Professionals – perhaps we may be able to give a little through our various experiences in the form of more suggestions, tips, techniques, strategies that might help someone..., in some way..., that has found themselves in this predicament of being a member of the unemployed ...

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Comment by Sandra McCartt on December 13, 2010 at 9:15pm

This is a great article Paul i am printing it and giving to people who have just been laid off or have been unemployed as a guideline for their job search efforts. 

Comment by Paul Alfred on December 13, 2010 at 9:23pm
Hey Thanks Sandra .. I was hoping that you would add some more tips to my list.
Comment by Sandra McCartt on December 13, 2010 at 9:50pm

Think of every person you know who has a lot of contact with different people.  Bankers, attorneys, CPA's, sales reps , for example , take some clean copy resumes, drop by to see them, don't ask them for a job just let them know you are looking.  Hand them two or three copies of your resume and ask them to stick them in the desk drawer if any of their clients are looking for someone please pass on the resume and let their client know you are available to speak with them.  Then ask for their email address so you can send an electronic copy in the event they would like to forward it by email.  The first person many business owners call when someone resigns is normally not a recruiter, it's their banker or their attorney or their CPA to see if they can recommend someone.  Sales reps are in and out of multiple offices every day.  They either know if there have been changes or are asked themselves if they know of anyone.

With candidates who are specific to a profession, ie; engineers i have suggested that they think about the large office complexes where a lot of engineers office.  These folks tend to cluster, as do attorneys, and CPA's.  Go through the complex,  office by office, hand a resume to the receptionist, smile big, ask her to pass it on to her boss , you are looking for a job.  It's a simple way of networking within a profession.  Receptionists know where the action is a lot of times within an industry and are more than willing to pass on information of who to contact.  It also gets folks up, dressed and out of the house doing something which can avert a lot of jobless depression or panic.   

Comment by Paul Alfred on December 13, 2010 at 9:58pm
Thanks Sandra ... The more tips the merrier ...I was hoping for an avalanche of suggestions from the rest of the recruiting community ... Perhaps we could help a few people get back into the work force ...
Comment by Heather R. Huhman on December 18, 2010 at 12:46pm
Hi Paul,

Thanks for the insight, and great post. Considering most job seekers are actively looking on social networks, they can easily take it a step further (to reach those key decision makers) through talent communities. Job candidates can access talent communities (like Cachinko) to receive job referrals from professionals within their industry, link to their friends through social talent communities, and they’re accessible to employers for a great 3-degrees connection.
Comment by Paul Alfred on December 18, 2010 at 6:41pm
I appreciate your comments Heather ...Yes thanks for the site tip on Cachinko, I will check it out .... There is nothing like connecting with the decision makers in the Job World ...


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