Sourcing Methodology Part 5 – Outreach!!

Sourcing Methodology Part 5 – Outreach!!

This is part 5 of the Methodology, Outreach. In part 4 we talked about Enhancement, now that we have that done, and of course uploaded our list to our ATS or CRM, it’s time to reach out.

So this has 2 parts; 1- creating a good message/email, 2-methodology of reaching out. First creating the messaging.

There are tools that can help you create an email that will get you a high response rate This mail can also be used on Linkedin.  These tools can help you avoid spam, cultural issues, readability issues and more.

First up Textio. Textio is a tool that uses advanced AI to determine just how good of an email or message it is. The higher the score the better.

Next up Readability-Score. This tool will give you the readability level of your email. You need to watch for both the normal readability and the automated readability as a lot of people use things like Alexa or Cortana to read their emails. Optimally you want an 8th-grade normal reading level and 6th-grade auto reading level.

Now for engagement level, this shows how engaging your email is. For this, we use MosaicTrack and their AI based engagement measuring tool.

Now for issues such as Cultural, Sexism etc. For this, we use Joblint, and their AI based Issues tool.

Lastly, we deal with Spam. This is where a lot of people lose. To help with this we use Melon-stork Spam tool, Any grade less than 5 is good, the lower the better.

Now we have our email its time to send it. Below is a good plan for not just emailing but calling, SMS, and social contacting.

  1. Day 1 email – the first contact should be email
  2. Day 2 – take a break day to allow them to digest, presuming they did not reply right away.
  3. Day 3 call – the second contact should be over the phone with a follow up on other Social media methods and, follow up +SMS/Text (80% of texts are read).
  4. Day 4 – take a break day
  5. Then repeat the entire process a minimum of 3-5 times, before moving the candidate to a once a monthly follow up or stopping. however the calling part repeat up to 8 times, but no more than 2 times in one day.

At some point if you want to add to your email you will call the next day that is okay but do not do it on the first go round.


That’s all folks, next week We will do a synapse of the whole process

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