Along the path in staffing is one inevitable constant, and that is change.  I will not get into the changes in my work world but they have been varied of late, such that I can only think of one universal truth. 

As shifting winds of macro-economic fluctuations, business conditions, governmental regulations, regional and otherwise, these changes are part of life and business.

What I have observed in a short period of time is to maintain one's focus, energy, synergy and perspective while these changes are coming speedily to your staffing world. 

Sometimes depending on your industry or niche perhaps change won't be as sudden, or far-reaching as you may have anticipated, never-the-less, being committed in the midst of change and keeping current, consistent, and on-target as a staffing professional in your performance is vital, key and necessary.

As our world changes, so must we.  But, there will be times where you will need to make your voice heard in the midst of the changes to facilitate a robust direction, whereby consistency may then be obtained.  Making a business case with metrics at times may be necessary to speak the language needed of those whom look to business meaning in final numbers.  That is vital today for a staffing professional.  As I ponder such changes occurring rapid-fire in the midst of the industry I love, as I ponder the macro, and micro level of said changes with an eye to stay the course, I am never ever surprised anymore by the winds of change, rather when imposed by others on your world, I choose to look to the larger picture and direct my best efforts to do my job well, and deliver once again talent outcomes the likes of which leave both candidate, and hiring manager whole as best as possible.

It is along the way in these circumstances, that we take the long view, where communicating vision and hope are needed.  Long term career planning takes into account change.  Have you ever witnessed a change so large in your organization, world, or life that you were blindsided by it?  I think at one point or another ALL of us have experienced such or if not yet soon.

It is with passion, conviction, long term moral focus points, that all things in the environment will propel you to your goals.  Maintaining your own personal change journal, and your own perspective I think becomes vital to being a strong performer.  Where-in change will blow it's bull-rush to your personal world, so too can you bull-rush the change and catch it full steam in a place of renewed passion.  Maintaining a positive outlook when change knocks is so key.

In his book - "How to Stop Worrying and Start Living" - Dale Carnegie spoke to change so long ago.  Attitude above everything else he put forth was the key.  Here's a quote from that book: “When I asked him -Mr.Henry Ford- if he ever worried, he replied: "No. I believe God is managing affairs and that He doesn't need any advice from me. With God in charge, I believe that every-thing will work out for the best in the end.
So what is there to worry about?”

Dale Carnegie, How to Stop Worrying and Start Living


I do not think that life is worth worrying about.  Rather prepare for change, but when it comes instead of fighting it.  Let your own vision of your true self and goals reconnect to the very center of your commitment daily.  I think that is the heart of overcoming change.

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