Taking Time

We spend so much time as recruiters and salespeople in developing relationships with candidates that sometimes we forget just how far we can actually take that relationship – for mutual benefit.

1. Take time to explain what your firm offers but also listen to what your candidate wants.

When we speak with candidates and sell them on how wonderful our firms are, on how outstanding our processes are, and on how great it is to work with us – we as recruiters and sales people tend to be so focused on what we have now in terms of opportunities that we neglect were else we can consider utilizing a given candidate’s credentials. Where does your candidate want to work? What other skills can your candidate offer?

2. Take time to know what your candidates offer.

Do we take enough time to get to understand our candidate’s needs because we are so set on our own? It’s natural to contact a candidate and pitch them an opportunity with us that we have NOW, but what about where we can also consider utilizing this same candidate for other potential opportunities? Do we take enough time to think how this same candidate can open doors for us with other customers?

3. Take time to teach your candidates to become recruiters for you.

Your candidates are likely getting calls from other staffing firms in your region. They are likely getting presented other employment options that you may not be aware of. If you are treating your candidates so well in a manner where they really want to work with you, you can teach them how to be another recruiter in the field for you. Ask your candidates that when contacted by other firms on opportunities to contact you to see if you can present them to those different positions. Maybe you have an agreement with that potential customer where you can support the candidate there as well. Bottom line is this – There is nothing worse in the business than losing your candidate to your customers – or even your potential customers. Make sure you have covered every potential staffing opportunity you can with your candidates and treat them so well that they do not want to work for anyone else but you and your staffing firm. Make them want to come to you with every staffing opportunity they see. Your chances for staffing these candidates will go up exponentially.

4. Take time to communicate before, during and after the sale.

How many times do we hear from candidates that they hear no feedback once their resumes are submitted to a customer? And then how often do we say to them “Well, at our staffing firm, we NEVER do that.”

Really - we NEVER do that?

We forget to communicate sometimes with our candidates and always dislike being the bearer of bad news if our candidate is passed over for a position. However, we owe it to our candidates to be truthful and up-front all the time. Communication is under-valued and misunderstood in the staffing business – it does not have to be lengthy but it does need to be frequent. When you communicate with a candidate, you are solidifying your relationship with them in good times and bad times. Don’t think your candidates won’t notice.

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