The Fine Line Between Follow Up and Harassment

It’s happened to all of us.

As a Recruiter, you send the job description to a candidate to review for consideration and potential submission to your customer, have a “great” phone conversation, lock up the details, psych up your Sales Guy with the “perfect” candidate and boom…after sending the resume to the Sales Guy to send to your customer, you hear crickets. Chirp, chirp. Your candidate falls off the face of the earth.

Or as a Sales Guy, you send the “perfect” candidate against your requirement and after discussing it with your customer and agreeing to follow up tomorrow to schedule interviews, you also hear crickets. More chirps. Now your customer has fallen off the face of earth.

What do you do? Where is the fine line between Follow Up and Harassment?

Well, I like to think there is a degree of assumed accountability in the staffing business where sometimes you need to shake the rust off of and remind your candidates and customers of their responsibilities. Candidates and customers hold you and I accountable for details and information – on job descriptions, rates, and on feedback – where it is only fair that staffing firms also have the right to hold candidates and customers accountable for information, like resumes, references, and of course, feedback.

Relationships don’t work too well when only one side is holding up their end of the bargain.

What are you doing to improve your relationships with your candidates and customers to ensure mutual satisfaction and success?

What are you doing to make sure your candidates and customers improve their relationships with you?

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