Ten Questions to Ask a Candidate During an Interview

Ten Questions to Ask...and What Their Response Tells You

The hiring process can be a grueling and time-intensive pursuit. Finding the right fit for a position requires time to source, evaluate, and scrutinize candidates before making a final decision. For most business leaders, this can quickly monopolize their valuable time. While they understand that human capital is one of the most valuable assets a company can have, good leaders also know how to operate efficiently. To assist you in preparing for the interview process, here are ten questions to ask a candidate during an interview, and how their response will determine if they are the right fit for a position.

1. What kind of oversight and interaction would your ideal boss provide?

The answer to this question will reveal the candidate’s preferred management style. For a candidate who enjoys a great deal of autonomy, a micromanager would not be the ideal fit.  Opposingly, a candidate who prefers clear objectives, deadlines, and a good amount of interaction is not likely going to thrive in a laissez-faire setting.

2. What interested you the most about this position?

Find out what motivated the candidate to apply for the position. The candidate’s response to this question will provide insight on where they feel most comfortable and the areas in which they will spend most of their time.

3. If hired, what are the three most important attributes or skills that you would bring to our company?

The candidate’s answer to this question will tell you what skills are most important to them. Take this question a step farther and ask them, how do they plan to apply those skills with their specific job duties.

4. How would your current boss describe your work contribution?

Find out how your candidate views the opinion of their boss by asking this question. This may also tell you how your candidate reacts to feedback and criticism from management.

5. Tell me about the relationships you’ve had with the people you’ve worked with. Describe the best and the worst cases?

This will give you an idea of how the candidate’s personality will likely fit within the company culture. Based on their answer you may be able to determine which team members they would be most effective with.

6. Define hard work, and what motivates you to work hard?

This very straight forward question will reveal volumes on the person’s work ethic. This question is an eerily accurate barometer for a candidate’s level of motivation and work ethic.

7. Tell me about a time you made a mistake, and how did you fix it?

Asking this question will tell you if the candidate takes responsibility for their actions, and if they try to correct their mistakes. Take this question a step farther and ask, what would they have done differently?

8. Name something about yourself that you would like to improve on?

Asking these questions will give you insight on whether the candidate critiques themselves and if they are motivated to improve their skills on their own. If they are working towards becoming a better professional they will have better answers.

9. What is your proudest accomplishment?

Their response to this question, whether personal or work-related, should tell you what the candidate is most passionate about. Take this a step further and ask if they think this will be their proudest accomplishment in 5 years. The answers may reveal what the candidate will be working towards.

10. Describe a time when your boss did something you did not agree with. What was your response?

This question will give you insight into how a candidate handles conflict with management. Take this a bit farther and share how you would prefer an employee to handle conflicts with your management style.

Use these ten questions to determine if a candidate is the right fit for a position but if you find yourself spending all of your valuable time in interviews, give Search Solution Group a call so we can find the right person to join your team.

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