The 4 Elements of an Archaic HR Department

Human Resources is still an invaluable pillar of any business venture, but the sentiment that it’s unnecessary is definitely out there. HR can feel like a minefield of byzantine bureaucracy, where something as simple as changing the address on a paycheck takes far more effort than it should. This toxic sentiment comes from a misunderstanding of what human resources was created to do. Manage and advocate for both employees and the companies that employ them!

We don’t think that, of course! HR is still a valuable department and can be as central to the operation of a business as any other division. If you don’t think Human Resources is important, just talk to the small business owners who spend up to 46% of their time on HR issues. With that said, any department can fall a bit behind the times. If you think this might apply to your organization’s HR department, you may want to look at these 4 signs it needs a overhaul.

Your HR Department Isn't Social

In case any HR departments don’t see the writing on the wall, here’s a wake-up call: over 90% of recruiters use social media. Simply stated, HR should follow suit. HR professionals can use social media for more than just recruiting, too. They can use it for team-building, onboarding, training, and commun.... If HR pros aren’t using social media to find the next new hire, organizations may as well play the recruiting game blindfolded.

Your Recruiting Team Has Never Heard of Video Interviews

Another sign of an outdated HR department is the lack of video interviewing efforts. Which is unfortunate considering 66% of candidates prefer video interviews, and recruiters are beginning to listen. Video interviews are more cost-effective, time-efficient, and can be set up to work with just about any schedule. Your next hire may not live in the same city, so video interviews are invaluable when a candidate simply can’t attend an in-person interview.

Your HR Pro Refuses to Put Salary Ranges in Their Job Ads

Whether or not you should post the position salary in your job ads gets a lot of attention, and many companies – who are in every other way modern – don’t post their salaries for all to see. Even words as vague as “negotiable” or “competitive”send the signal to candidates the job is worth applying for, and many understand that they’ll have to discuss the terms of their salary.

However, in a candidate-driven market, you can’t afford to let talent slip away. If they don’t see a salary in the job posting, they’re bound to search around for what a salary for a similar position might be, which means they could already be looking somewhere else. This could lose potential hires, so consider clarity in compensation when creating the job posting.

Hiring Managers Ask the Wrong Questions During Interviews

Let’s not beat around the bush: 33% of interviewers will know in the first 90 secondsof an interview whether or not they’ll hire the candidate. This means talent needs to make a positive impression quickly, and the interviewers have to ask the right questions to let them shine and affirm (or reverse) their initial impressions.

Questions like “Where do you see yourself in five years?” don’t do this. Candidates don’t always have answers to these questions and interviewers don’t need to hear them. Instead, consider asking more relevant questions during the interview.

Your talent acquisition team doesn’t have to be archaic. Bring in popular technology to modernize your interviewing process and ask the right questions to make the most of the time you have with candidates. Don’t risk losing candidates because your recruitment department has become antiquated.

Bio: Julie Salerno, VP Sales

Julie Salerno provides guidance and leadership to GreenJobInterview’s sales team and is responsible for the ongoing growth of the company’s revenues and profitability. She is involved in strategic planning, helping to managing the company’s resources, and improving its business processes.

Previously, she served as a partner and senior executive recruiter at Personnel Strategies, Inc.

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Comment by Matt Charney on April 9, 2015 at 10:56am

I think HR is inherently archaic. There's nothing that couldn't be handled by lawyers, automation and self-service although I'm sure HRBPs would likely disagree with me.


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