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I'm really looking forward to seeing how things evolve with and Twitter along with other aspects that may tie in with them. As an interested observer who does a lot of splits, I think the idea and effort behind this so far is innovative and has a ton of potential. For me, splits have always been a relationship thing. You connect with someone and work together a little bit and as the trust and comfort level strengthens you are able to do business together profitably. On the other hand, the idea that you have a hot job or hot candidate and post or search a split network and make the connection and placement in a one shot deal is something that I have not had experience with. I would be very interested in hearing if others have had that kind of experience and with what conduit for the connection (ERE,, Top Echelon etc..........).

The power behind Twitter, especially when re-tweets become commonplace, is incredible to consider. Adding the organization that Slouch has here with to that effort brings the potential ability to harness that power. Who knows if it will work or what tweaks or additions to these things will evolve, but the potential is really something. Someone had commented on Twitter this week that splits are just gaining popularity now because times are tough, and the response was that more splits are done in good times than bad. That is definitely true. Splits work in good or bad times and there are more done in good times. However, I think there is more new interest in splits now because of the difficult climate. That should make it a great time for this effort to build.

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Comment by Slouch on March 27, 2009 at 12:35pm
Hey Todd, thanks for noticing and thanks for writing about it. We are making a lot of changes to it but no so much in the logic behind how it works but rather so you don't have to know anything about anything other than how to get your data in and how to get it out so you can use it without having to understand why or how it works. Right now, we are building in a twitter authentication system which will make a world of difference in a lot of different ways and we have shut off a number of very interesting features until that happens.

for the rest of the recruiters out there, here is a link to see Todd Kmiec's splits activity on


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