The Economic Maelstrom - The Great Recession That Paved The Way To Humility

The Economic Maelstrom, The Economic Storm, The Economic Hurricane, The Great Recession, The Changing Tides of Fortune, The Essence of Economic Malady, The Loss of Economic Stability, National Financial Crises, The Housing Bubble, Jobs, Unemployment et all. 


It begs the question how have we changed since the economy took us on a roller coaster ride, and through ups, downs, bruises, bumps and everything in between?  How have businesses changed?  How is staffing now viewed?  How have the stakes been raised?  What is the implication of multiple world dramas being played out on the macro, micro, and visible levels?  How will we brave the:


It goes without saying, we have all been through one of the most timultuous, business changing, business rearranging, and downright humbling of business cycles.  All around us are those who feel that government bailouts, government debt, hard fought freedom, and a multitude of other issues are central to the important topics of our time.  In an election cycle no less irregardless of what side of the spectrum or belief system that dictates your world view, all of us can look with inward vision and see what has transformed within us.  Are we not wiser?  Are we not more disciplined?  Are we not pondering more carefully what it is that we stand for and treasure?  I can think of a multitude of implications for the future by these shifting economic times, and though we are climbing forward and making strong headway the winds of change and challenge still shift, the storm still moves our ship into what appears to be a current, where we do not always know the end game or the direction to which the life bell may toll.


Welcome to the challenges of our economic times, the humility of our economic times.  Although we sense improvement, we can see the vital importance of driving intimately to the goal amid trying circumstances.  But it is within these moments that our country finds some new inward fire it didn't know existed, within us are the commanding internal and inward focused opportunity for outcomes of rich importance.  Today, as I write this, I cannot but think of how many things have occurred or how much the pendalum has swung.  It's as though every best laid plan must now have at it's core a true flexibility.


In the past 2 years so much has occurred that I look at where I have come, the business associates, colleagues, family, freinds etc who have helped me find what it means to be successful in staffing.  I suppose the core is the persistence, drive, and perseverance that beckons to every staffing professional how to come out for the top prize.  I can't express how deeply I have the knowledge that if I put forth my whole desire, my whole heart to the spark of the match that lights that fire to continue again and again and again to make vital outcomes happen for my company, my community, for my world, it is there that I can't help but be motivated to find the greatest of staffing/HR goals, a perfect match, a deal that is meant to thrive, and a passion to do it again and again and again, to fill job after job after job, until I have had a vital and total impact on the organization I serve.  Each day is a gift.  As I write I am reminded of how important it is for our country, our industry, our very being to live each day to it's fullest.  We have all faced challenges and are rising to the occassion collectively.  Some may fall, and many rise, but the one constant is the growth and new horizons learned and the important opportunities that come of focused commitment when we find new ways to be self reliant, and in fact thrive on the mountain of adversity to deliver the most sweetest of all victories in life - which is that anyone, any organization, any company, any employee, any friend, any individual can be better as a result, and the maelstrom can be the strengthening circumstance to ultimate victory.  I am reminded of a song that can be viewed on Youtube, from one of my favorite artists, many may not be familiar here, but you will be touched by these words, those in the video are real and overcame adversities that were mentioned in the signs they hold.  Think of the signs and challenges we have faced in recent years, but yet what is it that thrives and burns deep within each staffing professional, each country of the world, each individual - HOPE.  Hope is the universal language that can help anyone find success not only in staffing but in life.  Enjoy the video here:


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