The Keg Has Run Dry? Tips for Job Hunting After College

This is a true story inspired by real events.....

I was talking to my younger sister last night. She just recently graduated with her Master's in English and she's been pounding the "pavement" - aka job boards - looking for work as a Teacher, Substitute Teacher, TA, etc. at the university
level. Her method has been looking for openings, and
responding in kind with an application or resume.

I posed the following questions to her:

· "Have you asked any of your professors if they know of any educators in your area they can introduce you to?" Her response, "No."

· "Are there any groups in your area that meet in your field that you can join?" Her
response, "No."

· "Have you asked to set up a meeting at any of the schools you want to work at to see if they need volunteer help on exams,
grading papers, writing workshops, etc?"
Her response, "Not yet."

Today - I went to find her on LinkedIn and guess what? SHE DOES NOT HAVE A PROFILE. GASP!!! (To my sister - YES - I'm using you as an example - you can stay mad for approximately 10 days)

So pull up a seat. This is "I've Just Graduated Now What? - 101"

1. Use any and all resources available to you. LinkedIn, JobMagic on Facebook, social meet-up groups, people who may know people in your field, sisters who are well
versed at resume revision. J HINT HINT

2. Get out of the house and go to networking events. Join a young professionals
association! They always have
GREAT events and tons of potential.

3. When you are at an event or stopping by a potential employer offering volunteer services, keep your options open and listen for cues. If the potential employer says, "We
don't really need help in THAT area" that is your cue to say "Well what areas
do you see a potential need?" USE EVERY MOMENT! Offer up any way that you can add value
but make sure you say, "I would love to help with your career workshops. I am so impressed with this company any
opportunity to be associated with and potentially considered for future
openings - count me in!"

4. Get more than one opinion on your resume and cover letter. It is VERY hard to find
typos on your own. Yes I know you
majored in English - just try. J

5. Be flexible. I know you just graduated from college and feel that a role in management is your next step - but unfortunately, the companies you are talking
to may not feel the same. They may
simply not agree that your level meets their needs. Examine any and all options available. Education and experience are very

6. In a tough market, you may have to take a position that is not your ideal role, but is a stepping stone. Look into it. The path may lead directly to your goal.

7. Practice interviewing with friends. Sound corny? How many interviews have you been on? How often do you say "like" or "ummm?" You'd be surprised.

8. Do you have appropriate interview attire?

9. Do you have copies of your resume printed nicely?

10. Have you changed your voicemail so that the message sounds professional? I LOVE the Black Eyed Peas ring tone but a hiring manager may not.

11. Have you set your privacy controls on Facebook? Remember that over 70% of employers will look into your online presence.

12. You take out your piercings and cover your tattoos for an interview right?

13. Have you changed your email address from:

So there you have it. You may not land your dream job right out of the gate, but with these 13 tips, you will certainly be going in the right direction.

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