The Optical Illusion of Space: Decorate Your Way to a Visually Larger Home

Whether you’re keen to add some changes to your house or are moving into a new one, there are many things to consider when it comes to sprucing up the space.

Making your space appear larger can be a transformation within itself. But how can you create the optical illusion of more space in your home? Here, we show you the simple tricks you can use in your own home.

Swap dark shades for light hues

The chosen colour palette on your home will determine how spacious your home feels – dark colours absorb light, thus making it feel small. However, lighter colours are more reflective and can create the optical illusion of the space appearing bigger and more open. The work is already done for you if you live in a new build, as they typically use a lighter palette.

However, this might not be something you’re already blessed with, and a renovation could be on the cards. If you’re up to the challenge, swap your dark walls for a brighter and paler paint – pale blue, blush pink, and light green are just some of the many colours that will make your home appear more spacious. If you’re willing to go the extra mile, opting for an even lighter paint for your wall trim can give the illusion that your walls are further back to add to the effect.

Light up your rooms

Natural lighting is yet another way to make your home appear more spacious. This goes hand in hand with a light colour scheme, as it absorbs the sun – so if you combine the two, you’re achieving the optimum effect.

Ensure that your windows are bringing in as much light as they can. Heavy curtains will prevent your home from being as naturally lit as possible, so opt for a sheer material instead, or ensure that they are pulled back completely. Objects in the way will be blocking the light too, so it could be an idea to find another spot for them.

Letting the natural light into your home will not only give the illusion of a bigger space, but it will also bring some more warmth in – even if you’re in a chiller climate. So if you’re on the hunt for homes for sale in Lanarkshire, you needn’t worry. Plus, you’ve got the benefit of starting from scratch if you’re planning on moving, so you can consider the natural lighting before you add your changes.

Add glass for a stylish touch

Glass is your best friend when it comes to incorporating space into your home – plus, it’s made a major comeback this year in home interior. Thus, style and space are both ticked off your list.

Thanks to its transparency, there are no obstructions or divisions between other pieces of furniture when you use glass, and it can also make them appear further away. It also has the advantage of reflecting light to contribute to a brighter space. Think all-glass everything – side tables, chairs, even bowls. Alternatively, for a subtler way of implementing glass into the home, something as simple as a glass tabletop can create the illusion of a more spacious room.

Mirror, mirror, on the wall

It’s a given that mirrors are an essential part of the home, whether that’s for tidying up your hair or checking to see how your outfit looks. However, they offer more benefits than you may be aware, specifically the ability to create more space.

When it comes to mirrors, the bigger the better – but the frame should remain small when the goal is to add more space visually. If you have a blank wall and need some inspiration on how to decorate it, you’re in the right place. Create a ceiling-to-floor mirror wall to add some décor while simultaneously creating the optical illusion of more space. If you don’t have much space to fill, use smaller mirrors to fill in gaps – this is a perfect touch for maximalists, too.


Your house doesn’t become a home until you add the special touches. These simple tricks to the optical illusion of space are key to transforming the home into a sanctuary for ultimate relaxation.



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