The Power of PMA: Positive Mental Attitude

Positive Mental Attitude or as I like to call it....PMA, is the most powerful tool in an arsenal of maximized success. In putting forth an enthusiastic approach to daily tasks no matter how mundane, no matter how frustrating, one can overcome virtually any obstacle if hope is applied to a winning attitude.

I am always amazed at the power of PMA. It can propel you forward when the sky is falling or the DOW is dropping. It can enable you to uplift all those around you when you are in the trenches pulling your weight. And most of all it can propel one to the right direction, when everything is saying absolutely not.

Today the economy is sluggish. So what? Is this the time to falter as a professional because there are no jobs out there? NO.

I think it is interesting, that success is established, sealed and delivered when someone who has a PMA mindset takes the steering wheel, propels themselves forward and opens the doors to success.

I am always amazed at what PMA can do. If you begin each task taking PMA to its height, there is no lack of direction, no lack of power that you can't undertake to pin your winning tradition back on track once again.

I have always seen life as a powerfully interesting game of luck, but you can make your own luck.

It is interesting is it not that Recruiting is so much a sales game. I always looked at Recruiting as a specialized function, a subset of HR, which I love and engender.

Everything begins with staffing in the HR function. In the employee life cycle, from onboarding to retirement or layoff, a company must realize that no numbers, no assets are complete without the human picture.

As a HR professional it becomes increasingly clear as time goes on that the value of HR must be sold and distinguished. Your service must be stellar, your hope and grit and every day commitment must be rock solid.

Now, more than ever, PMA is so key, so vital, so very much a part of your heart and soul for the successful entrepreneur, that keeping an eye on the prize is too important, to not make an impact.

Today, I see myself coming of age, in the midst of the worst economic crisis to hit since the great depression.

So key to have PMA, so key to stay focused. So key to be your absolute best in the midst of 10,000 insurmountable challenges.

I have learned so much in the past year. So many changes, and so many nuances. What helps you stay focused? I think that PMA has something to do with it. When I did not have PMA, I was lost in the shuffle, scuttling along with a snails pace and wallowing in mire. That is something we all go through.

Especially when job orders are scarce, you must go after the critical skill markets, and plough forward.

Networking and PMA go hand in hand. Leveraging your network is vitally important to get ahead of your competition before the job is posted.

How do you secure a fee and make another placement seems to hinge on PMA after all. After another Dale Carnegie class there can be no doubt, that PMA is a driving force for good.

Uplifting others is extremely important. It is my hope that recruiters will never be looked at as a slimy breed who lie to get a fill. The honest approach is after all best, if you alienate even a bad candidate, it could bite you later. Be nice. Have PMA. Make a Placement. It's that easy.

Even when gloom and doom naysayers are bogging the rest of the world down, do you really need to join the chorus? For goodness sake, after all I believe in some measure of Karma, and to pay it forward.

Keeping your eye on the goal is so key. After all, who can make the most of the most important aspects of your career. One who knows themselves to the point, where they can self correct their course with PMA being the battery that runs the machine.

After all, negativity is for the birds.

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