The Prevailing Workplace Benefit Trends You Must Know (#7 is quite unique)

If there is anything that can make the employees compromise even a bit with their net pay or leave a better job offer from a company then it is the benefits. The more, the better as it makes your workforce merrier and productivity perkier. Yes, there are a few things more than the employees truly desire like responsibility, authority, promotions, and friendships inside the office. But, if you as an employer are wondering why your company’s attrition rate is not getting under control then the reason for your benefits scheme to be blamed is quite high. There can be two scenarios either there is no benefits program in place or the one that you have is not much liked by your employees. 

In this blog, we tell you the most liked benefits so that you can include them in your benefits program. We also urge you to make your benefits program flexible so that the employees can make the choice accordingly. 


Employee engagement can be built on this foundation if the rewards that you give are good enough. Giving chocolate clearly cannot motivate the employees as much dinner or staycation vouchers can. This is why it is necessary for you to set rewards at each milestone in project completion so that the employees are enthusiastic enough. In an attempt to outperform each other, they will end up giving you the best output. The HRMS software India has mostly offer you a way to promote the rewards and recognition notion in your company. The employees and you can give badges to each other and announce the rewards using this. 


Many employees find music soothing and the ones increasing their concentration. So, allowing them to plug in earphones is alright. In fact, a poll reveals that up to 98% of people want to listen to music at work. An even better way is to play soft music on the floors of your office so that the employees can work in a good mood. Otherwise, the noise and discussions, laughter keep on creating distractions. 

Travel Incentive- 

If you truly want to reward a phenomenal performance by an employee, sponsor his travel to a place of nature or ultimate luxury. They will relax, rejuvenate, and enjoy the days in comfort and discovering the new when they go out of the normal 9 to 5 routine. Give them that and they will be grateful. 

Free Food- 

You might think that free food is nothing that can make your employees motivated to work and praise the company, right? However, in reality, it is one of the most loved benefits. By free, we mean absolutely free, do not include this in the CTC, they have all the reasons to get mad at you for that. When it is not included in the CTC, the employees will love it as there will be no need to get up early to cook. They will come with more peace of mind to office, especially the bachelor's. 

Flexible work hours-

Food comes after this, for most of your employees waking up early or getting stuck in traffic is a big issue, this gives them great relief. The work hours can be set in some HRMS software India has. So, select the HR software wisely after seeing if this feature is factored in or not. 

Unlimited Time off-

The time of program helps employees in planning things in a better way whether it is related to work or life and most importantly, because of this, they stop lying to you about their whereabouts. Not all HRMS software India has, have this feature. So, invest in HR software with your eyes wide open. 

Grandfathering Benefits-

In this, if you are planning to eliminate a benefit from your list, you can grandfather certain employees to let them continue to enjoy the benefits if you are contractually bound or the employee is a good resource and can get disgruntled because of the same.



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