The Profession I Love: Staffing/Recruitment/HR and The Success Principles

It was a year ago when I sat in a conference where I met the legendary Jack Canfield, CEO and Founder of the "Chicken Soup For the Soul" Franchise and Books, and author of many books including "The Success Principles - How you Get From Where You Are to Where You Want To Be".  On that day, I shook hands with Mr. Canfield and got to receive an autograph from this giant among men in my copy of his book, which I received for free as a part of this conference, the best part - I was among fellow job seekers displaced by the economy and seeking our next opportunity - the event sponsored by the Silicon Valley Worker's Investment Network was free and available to anyone who came thirsting, it was Jack Canfield's way to build hope back into those who were searching for the next steps in multiple areas of thier lives as the economic woes and struggles caused each of us to go down a road prematurely we had not envisioned.  I had never in my career filed for unemployment until the end of 2009, and so subsequently, had found my way through the economic maelstrom by holding true to my inward core standards of excellence, and my own inward knowlege of who I am and had become.  It was amazing.  A few months earlier I had met a new good networking contact, Mike O'Neil and had had privilege of inviting him to attend our LinkedIn, And Social Media Presentation for the BYU Management Society - where he became a core part of the success.  As all of these things had gone down, I had set myself up to be in a good place due to my knowledge of the recruiting process and how to network even when I don't need to network.


During Jack's speech to us, we heard about how to set goals to change our life circumstances, how to network to discover our potential, and how to be proud of who we were at that moment.  The Success Principles start with a good attitude coupled with an ability to see inward.  My journey into the economic woes began in 2009 when the economy came in and disrupted what at the time was a stellar set of circumstances, I was working for a boutique HR Consulting firm where recruiting was a huge part of my sucess, but when the economy cut our firms profits and decreased our staffing opportunities, my CEO Donna Degrande of Solutions Partners brought me into her office and explained the situation - that my hours had to be cut to help the company survive.  She apologized and gave me the green light to be able to search for a new role, all while still having enough work for part-time.  It was with great sorrow that my journey began - and then my foray into meeting incredible professionals on my journey down the road of the "Success Principles" and learning to set my goals and my standards high opened the door to new opportunities - taking 2 temporary roles, and winding up in a start-up environment and in circumstances where I could use my HR Consulting skills, completed interesting assignments until the work slowed down in December of 2009.  As this occurred my networking opened up new staffing contacts, meeting my new colleagues who have since changed my life with their incredible staffing acumen and pointing me on my way to an incredible year where I have been part of changing the lives of almost 80 contractors with incredible hires I helped source and recruit at netPolarity - and may I say it, being part of a company that is making a splash in the staffing industry and taking on giants while hitting major players in the market today - is trully incredible, heartening, and amazing.  It has been a blessing and a great ride where I can stick my flag of success for years to come.


I love the success principles that set the tone for an incredible journey - I have met in my career CEOs, Professional Athletes, including the Great Patrick Marleau of the San Jose Sharks - I consider myself fortunate to be where I am today - having watched Patrick for the better part of 20 years since as a young man came to love the game of hockey, can apply it's principles to staffing and life.  In staffing you have many "rebounds" - that come from networking contacts, placed contractors, etc.   Getting the rebound and making the goal happen when you have at your forward point of reference the goal of life.


Today, here I stand, a Tech Sourcer, loving every minute and knowing that the journey of the economic maelstrom has been a giant opportunity all its own.  I miss Solutions Partners, but since that time I found success in new arenas - overcoming obstacles - the staffing life has been at times a bumpy road, but also a great opportunity to meet new colleagues, all who made a rich difference as my career honed my staffing social media prowess, and as I found that true success in staffing is born of individual grit and determination, just like a hockey goal.  In one game in the NHL playoffs where the Sharks were playing the Predators of Nashville, I watched as a hip check knocked the puck loose and Patrick Marleau sailed down the edge of the boards to score a goal - a hat trick - that sent HP Pavilion into a roar.  It was magical - and like life inspired me.  Now these days, I have my signed Patrick Marleau puck that acts as a good luck charm, and memory of that day where I watched as a dream was realized.  It inspires the recruiters on my team to greatness, every time they have a bad day my puck finds it's way to their desk to lift their spirits as they look at it as a good luck charm and spur their way onward to work a little harder at the fill.  I their sourcer am like a point guard feeding them the passes - resumes that open the doors to success.


We are capable of our own Staffing "hat tricks" that change lives, open doors, serve as a pick me up for those candidates trying to get back on their feet after being displaced.  NOW is a time unlike any other where staffing professionals look beyond their silos to the greatness recruiters are capable of - changing lives and making fills that open doors.


It has been almost 8 years since I made HR my goal and life pursuit, about 2 years since I made my choice to make staffing central again to my career, and almost 6 years since I graduated college.  Staffing is a life changing endeavor for recruiter and candidate, it opens doors some would have never thought of.




It was staffing/recruiting that gave me the opportunity to help others and change lives quickly to help someone get back on their feet, and it was staffing that gave me the ability to coach others on resume preparation and interview direction so that they could win the job of their choice.


A week ago I had a conversation with my boss where he shared the following statement: "Nothing stops a winning attitude."  I smiled and nodded, ATTITUDE is the center of success in staffing. 


I am so blessed these days, and I love staffing due to how it not only changed my life but the lives of my candidates and clients - yes getting the fill is the most powerful motivator and sends shockwaves of positive energy across the office in which we work.  Thank goodness for the renewal of economic hope coming quickly to us all.  Staffing was a huge part of why my career is where it is today.


Nothing compares to it - and that is what gets me up in the morning - to source incredible resumes that lead to new talent and opportunity.  I wouldn't have it any other way.

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Comment by Valentino Martinez on April 3, 2011 at 12:29pm


Your uplifting blog post today has undeniable energy, passion and commitment--and it's contagious...which is a good thing for things that should be contagious.

Thanks for sharing.


Comment by Delores Ipms on April 4, 2011 at 12:58pm
Thank you


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