The Site Up For Sale - Will You Maintain it's Value?

There are different message boards, blogs, and think engines abroad these days out in the world of staffing.  One we have grown to love is  It is a wonderful place where we gather to think, write, share tactics, and in so many words harness a collective wisdom of what makes greatness.


So many things to consider in how we approach our involvement here.  We the user community will be the important keys to ensure future success of this wonderful community.  At 28,000 members it is truly astounding how far it has come.


As I write this, summer months are here and questions about economic turmoil returning are looking at us down the line.  I wouldn't worry about such things.  Why?  Well, with a place like we can still remain true to the spirit and emphasis that has propelled this site from Day 1.  Do we need to fear the swirling changes around us?  Do we need to be stifled or fear that the site will become some wishy washy place full of irrelevant discussion?  Absolutely not.  What ever comes to fill the void that Slouch will leave, we must as a user community continue to post viable and impressive content, perform incredibly and serve our communities with the power of new jobs and people to fill them.


At no other time in history have we faced such an interesting crossroads as we do now in these economic days.  In this forum we have discussed economic woes, how we bounced back when challenges came, effective ways to search, candidate relations, social media, boolean skills and more.  It is a reflection of our changing history and the recent steps we have taken and the effect on staffing as a whole.


One needn't look too far to know that life is full of moments of change.  This is one of the most powerful statements about staffing in general - change will be always in the middle of the game.  I can't explain how many times writing here has made a difference in my perspective on things, how blogging still is a key ingredient and sharing with others whomsoever may read is like a catharsis that only writers here understand.


We have new days ahead of us.  Will it be said of staffing that we stayed the course?  Did we focus when challenges came and the changes forged around us.  The new owner of the site will be checked by incredibly opinionated users - so buyer beware - you must treat the users as they should be treated.  Users guide the flow and movement of the community, it is here we will continue to build and others will come and join us.


I often have thought how amazing is it, that we all have incredibly important things and ideas to share.  Where is there another community essentially like this one, where so many have gathered to find their way.  As changes continue may we be the spirit behind the discussions and the driving force to keep content relevant and interesting.


There is a bright future ahead for staffing and - but we will need to be the driving force to continue to build the economy forward.  Let's hope that we have the power and ability to do just that.  In due time the staffing voice will continue to be heard and it's value to the overall economy will be importantly showed.  I have invested a career in staffing, and despite economic circumstance, despite changes big and small life goes on.  Let's just make sure we keep the perspective and the goals clear in mind and in deed, doing that will ensure success continues to come in any undertaking.

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Comment by Ben McGrath on June 15, 2011 at 6:05pm


Great post. I have gleaned a great deal of info from RecruitingBlogs. Although I am not an eloquent writer and generally don't have enough subject matter to blog about, I enjoy the discussions that it generates.

I enjoy the connected feeling that is "in the air" on this blog.

It is my hope that if any one of us needed help or had questions that the "community' would rally 'round and help as best we could.

All the best,

Ben McGrath




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