The Staffing Lifecycle (SLC)!!

The Staffing Lifecycle (SLC), this is basically the complete process from start to finish in staffing a position. So let’s look at it (very simplified, and in some cases you may have extra steps)(where there is an A and B means variables that may happen):

1. Your HR team (sometimes), say your development manager (or any HM), and you have gotten together and have determined there is a need for a new hire.

2. You all determine the level, salary, group, relo, visa, diversity, internal, Hiring Manager (HM), responsibilities, etc. You and the HM, write a Job Description (JD).

3. You and your HM discuss sourcing strategies, you make a Standard Level agreement (SLA), and introduce him to whatever process, method, or model your company uses for staffing.

4. You post the job, and begin sourcing. You may even source with your HM.

5. A: you screen sourced candidates. B: you share sourced candidates with HM for review and to decide who should be screened. (here you might get legal, relo etc. involved)

6. Those that pass the screen go to the HM for review.

7. A: Those that the HM likes are submitted for face-to-face interviews. B: Those the HM likes get tech screens set up. (here you might get legal, relo etc. involved)

8. Those that pass tech screen are submitted for face-to-face interviews.

9. Face-to-face interviews happen and hire or no hire decision is made, and offer/s created.

10. A: Candidates not to be hired are closed out and told thank you. B: (sometimes references are checked here) candidates selected for offers, are notified and offers are made. (Here you might get legal, relo etc. involved)

11. A: offer accepted, are noted in ATS, other groups needed to completed hire are notified, such as legal for visas, relo for relocation, etc. If not already done references are checked here and any background checks are initiated) and HM notified. B: offer declined, and annotated in ATS.

Of course, a lot of this is happening at the same time, as we are always sourcing until the positions are filled, in case the interviews do not go well.

Well there it is a very simplified version of the SLC.

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Comment by Jerry Albright on August 17, 2010 at 3:59pm
You missed:

9B - chase the client around for days wondering how the interview went

9C - finally catch up with hiring manager and hear "He's good - but we'd like to see more people"

- somehow come up with another qualified candidate and introduce to hiring manager

9E - chase the client around for several more days to see if they want to interview new candidate

9F- somehow catch up with hiring manager to learn one of the ladies that works in A/P dragged in the resume of her nephew who might be a fit - so the job is put on hold
9G - get a call from hiring manager wondering if the first candidate can come back for a (previously not discussed) 3rd interview with a new person who will be taking over the department

9H - schedule 3rd interview with said candidate who now has an offer from a different company and needs to let them know something by "the end of the week"

9I - get a call from HR to discuss new Vendor Management Initiative wherein all participating agencies need to sign a 16 page agreement more or less nullifying all previous understandings with client - reluctantly sign, scan and return to client

9J - get a call from HR wanting to know if candidate can reschedule 3rd interview which now includes a thorough psych test and personality evaluation

9K - convince candidate to "professionally" delay giving a reply to other company offer for 3 more days

- HR calls to let you know the new internal recruiter discovered they already had candidate resume and invites you to "keep sending anyone you think may be a fit"
Comment by Sandra McCartt on August 17, 2010 at 6:30pm
You and i work for the same clients. I'll add 9M - Client decides that they are going to put the position on hold for two months but says, "keep the candidate warm, this could change".
Comment by Dean Da Costa on August 28, 2010 at 2:38pm
Guys yes those things happen. However, this was meant to be simple, and there is no way to create one that would include every possible scenario, there are way to many possibilities. In fact I even stated “very simplified, and in some cases you may have extra steps”. Thanks


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