Thinking TOO Much... breaking the requistion / application connection

Today is Friday and often my thoughts turn to the what if!  This week, I have been thinking about how it would be to break the requisition to application connection. Let me tell you why.

One of my biggest fears is that a uniquely qualified candidate comes to our website and searches for jobs and doesn't see one that fits them and then clicks away and I never know they were even there.  We can solve for some of it with "mock" postings but what if...

An candidate could come to our website and list their qualifications and what types of jobs / shifts they are interested in and we could match them to the roles on the back side.  To me this gives the candidates and recruiters several advantages:

1) Candidates are not applying to jobs they are not qualified for.

2) Candidates can put their best foot forward - and we can match them to where they fit best.

3) In the hospital world of mulitiple shifts, different disciplines and unique roles, there may be a better fit than they find on their own.

4) Limits the candidate's rejections - as mentioned last week, candidates like feedback, but when we send multiple rejections, they sometimes get confused and don't realize they are still in the running for another job.

5) Allows recruiters to more proactively search and fill roles.

6) Recruiters can better pool their talent and fit them into the organization where they fit best.

Now, for the reality check, I realize in our world of affirmative action, equal opportunity, etc., we have to tie applicants to specific openings.  But if we could re-design the system for finding a job, wouldn't that be great!? If you change the system - what would you do?

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