Time for reinvention: Why digital recruitment is the new game

We all are living in a digital era and it has a huge impact on everything we do. Following that course, the recruitment industry has no exception. The internet has changed everything from the first interaction with candidates to interviews and onboarding.

The recruitment strategies have transitioned from traditional time-taking recruitment methods to the advanced and effective digital recruitment process.

Every recruiter or hiring manager nowadays is aware of digital recruitment but not everyone is able to create a successful digital recruitment strategy that helps them to find & hire top-notch talent.

To be ahead in the recruitment game, rediscover your recruitment efforts and shift your focus to digital recruitment. To do so let’s first understand digital recruitment.

What is digital recruitment?

Digital recruitment is the process of sourcing, candidate assessing, interviewing, hiring, and onboarding candidates using technology and tools. It is also known as social recruitment or online recruitment.

Gone are the days when it was only restricted to job ad posting on social media and job portals. Nowadays recruiters and hiring managers leverage technology as a tool to span the whole hiring process from start to end.

The main aspects of digital recruitment are:

  • Ad posting
  • Advertisement
  • Digital sourcing
  • Algorithmic candidate match
  • Online skills assessment/chatbot pre-screening

Digital recruitment is nothing but an upgraded version of the traditional recruitment process. It has transformed the way the recruiting industry has been working. Recruiters intend to hire the top talent for their organizations, implement digital recruitment tactics as an integral part of their recruitment process.

Why is digital recruitment the new game?

Every organization is trying hard to recruit the best talent in a cost-effective way and stand out from the competition. When it comes to candidate search they have to be first, fast, and proactive, which is not possible with the conventional hiring processes.

However, new digital recruitment tactics enable organizations to cast a wide net and reach out to more potential candidates without wasting much time and money.

So let’s understand how talent acquisition professionals are winning the recruitment game with digital strategies.

Online job fair: This is a virtual job/career fair. An online job fair is a virtual event that can be conducted at a certain time and on a specific online platform. It’s a virtual environment that allows hiring professionals and job seekers to meet, communicate, and exchange information about the current job openings.

What are the benefits of the online job fair:

  • It eliminates the obstacle of geography
  • Makes it easier to connect with potential talent with a click of a button
  • No need for a venue, no commute involved, a very little staff required
  • Requires less time and money
  • Allows you to chat with multiple candidates at once and connect with more potential applicants

Artificial intelligence and chatbots: If you want to reduce the time spend on candidate sourcing and shortlisting. Then you must consider AI and Chatbots in your recruitment process. AI and Chatbots can do various mundane recruitment tasks (scheduling interviews & profile screening) in a simpler way. It not only helps recruiters to design recruitment strategies but also resolves more complex issues in the hiring process.

What are the benefits of AI and Chatbots:

  • Chatbot helps recruiters to process hundreds of candidate queries a day, leaving no query unanswered, and takes a huge workload off their shoulders.
  • These chatbots enable applicants to find job positions as per their profiles, by asking them a set of questions about their education, skills, knowledge, and experience.
  • It makes the conversation in a humanizing way
  • Give prompt answers to use query and provide an immediate solution
  • With fewer efforts keep the talent engaged
  • Provides better candidate experience

Augmented reality and virtual reality in recruitment: recruiters have to face tough competition to hire the best talent for their organization and gain a competitive advantage. This where these AR and VR technologies play a vital role in providing immersive experiences. It makes the recruitment journey exciting and engaging for recruiters as well as applicants.

What are the benefits of AR and VR:

  • When it comes to hiring tech-savvy talent many companies opt for gamification to get better results
  • Can be used for evaluating talent by providing a simulated environment for technological roles
  • Streamlines recruitment systems and builds candidate engagements
  • Provides virtual workplace tours without being physically present
  • Can help recruiters assess the skills and competencies of applicants

Online skills assessment: Online pre-employment testing is the most common and popular digital recruitment strategy. It makes the recruitment process hassle-free, human biases-free, and error-free by evaluating applicants with AI-based pre-employment assessments. Technical skills assessment has gained more acceptance in the past few years. Almost every organization hiring for tech roles uses online skill tests to assess and hire job-fit candidates faster.

What are the benefits of online IT skills assessments:

  • Provides greater flexibility and reduces the administration burden
  • Delivers instant results with automatic scoring
  • Provides not only data but complete analysis
  • Reduces time-to-hire
  • Saves cost-per-hire
  • Eliminates the risk of bad hires

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