TLS Continuum Part 28: Change Management vs. Change Management

This morning I ask you to do me a small favor. Take a random sample of your LinkedIn connections and read their list of skills. See how many list change management as a skill. Then I would like your responses to the question are they really involved in change management?

My feeling is that the vast majority of them are not involved in true change management. Let me explain that further. For the vast majority of those who say they are involved in change management they are saying that as policies change, as processes change they are involved in the implementation of those changes. But that is not change management that we are referring to. Let me discuss with you my concept of change management.

To me, as a discipline of the TLS Continuum, change management means so much more. The TLS Continuum is based on the beginning of a very unique journey. We are looking at the non-value added activities within your organization and taking determined steps to remove them from the organization. We enter that effort with no preconceived ideas as to where we are going to end up because we have not yet brought the aspect of cross-functional attitudes and thoughts into the equation. The result when we do is to bring about a change in the organization. We are creating a new corporate normal if you would.

What do we mean by a new corporate normal? In our view of change management the focus of the organization changes. We go from a concentration on expense management to one of customer satisfaction. We do this by putting the needs of our internal and external customers first. We go from a concentration on top down management to a management of the whole. BY this I mean that everyone has a voice in the direction of the organization. Your rank and file has as much to say in the direction of the organization as the ivory tower of management. Managers function in the role of educator and coach not this do as I say or else model so prevalent in some organizations. My idea of change management is centered around everyone taking pride of ownership in what the organization does. While I am still involved in the implementation of the changes referenced above my role is beyond that point. I need to guide the move to the new normal and along the way I need to communicate the whys and the ultimate model for the organization. I need to be able in clear terms explain to everyone within the organization what is in it for them with the new normal being the correct vision of the organization.

The bottom line becomes one of what is your vision of change management? Are you just ensuring that the implementation of new or revised processes and policies goes smoothly or are you guiding the migration to that powerful new corporate model? Are you empowering within your organization or are you managing change through a narrow focus of the change management effort? It is your destiny to empower this change. It is your career booster to implement this culture change.

The bottom line is it is your choice which direction you go within the confines of your organizational strategies and objectives. However, every dramatic change management effort requires a champion to encourage true change management. I hope to see you along that journey as I help other organizations make the transition to real change management and through the empowerment to take that trip with me.

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