Top 10 Qualities to have in Your Dream Job

1 Unlimited passion in doing your work - Life without passion is said to be fatal. So instead of whining about life, work, situations or any particular person, do jobs that makes you happy and moreover you enjoy doing it keeping the economics intact.

2 Aligns with your monetary goals - Lets talk money but before you take up a job, be clear what is that you want really in life. Money, Time, Health, Family, Fame etc etc. etc..  Desires go on and on but we are never fulfilled. So settle with a job that can bring all of it to equilibrium. Remember the rule of sacrifice to get something in return.

3 Let you have great life after job - One and the only fine distinction between a good and bad job is you don’t need to figure out the former. You love going to back to office and meet up the people there whereas for the latter you’ll have list of excuses to avoid talking about it. First love your job and then your company.

4 Doesn’t limit your horizon - A job which entails you to path of self-learning and exploration will help you in leading a purposeful career. Cultivate more skills, attributes and knowledge that can pay you rich dividends in long run.

5 Adds to your values and core - Do not let any company define your abilities or potential because you’ll never be able to know them until it is put to test or in use. Be prepared to learn and unlearn the craft and believe on your instincts when it comes to taking risks or changing jobs.

6 Consistently hone your skills - As long as you are living you are learning, if not you’re not worth living. Sounds too harsh, I agree but the literal meaning has a profound impact that hits our core psychology to go beyond scopes and situations and produce something which is useful. Use this in your job context and never be afraid to fail.

7 Grow you both as a Person and Worker - From all the points stated above, it is very clear that we all need to work for a good amount of time in our lives. For a few a working life is the only option. Have some goals or vision in your life that aligns with your job or company. The more it coincides the happier you would be.

8 Recognition and high acceptance rate - Now what keeps us going on our jobs, it’s definitely Recognition and our acceptance rate. This goes for everyone; work where you are celebrated not tolerated. And there is nothing like it when your hard work is acknowledged and rewarded. If your story doesn’t matches with what I said above then it’s time to look for a new job.

9 Your work ultimately benefits someone in the end- Very aptly said by all successful people so far; Give something back to the society. In your case it can be your end customers, clients or even your company who pays you. It’s a 2 way street for sure. Benefit them with your services and get yourself paid handsomely. 

10 Peace and Satisfaction rarely found in jobs today- Lastly what brings human mind to rest and calm; Peace and Satisfaction. If your work contributes to this anyhow, you are blessed to have this job; you must embrace it as you are very few amongst who can do what they wish.

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Comment by Keith D. Halperin on February 28, 2014 at 1:16pm

Thanks, Rchili. Each person should decide how many of these 10 they're willing to settle for...


Comment by Rchilli Parser on March 3, 2014 at 12:15am

Definitely Keith, its like everyone wishing to get the very best in their careers but not willing to put labour behind it.

Comment by Keith D. Halperin on March 3, 2014 at 1:05pm

Thanks, Rchili.


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