Top 10 reasons to own a Resume Parser

1 Less Errors- As the parser extracts accurate information from resumes and auto-fill the forms, there’re less chances of getting wrong emails and phone numbers of applicants. Thus  maximum candidates can be reached and contacted. This brings you the full value of a resume or a lead (Applicant) in CRM. 

2 Total Comfort- For both employers and job seekers, this is a boon. Employers can look for right candidates in seconds and candidates can apply to relevant jobs easily. Information being readily available saves employers time and makes it easier even for applicants to edit the information parsed. 

3 Speedy work- Swift registrations in no time. Applicant just upload resume or apply via LinkedIn. Unique profiles are created with links to social profiles from where employer can be muster info shown under Social Tab. Complete optimization of workflows leads to higher efficiency and effective control over Resume Management.

4 Effortless- Now is the time to debunk all manual entries of resumes into the system which is really gruesome for some employees. It’s just like re-inventing a wheel when you already have a car parked outside. So use an efficient parser to automate your resume handling and devote your staff to other critical tasks.

5 Automation- This has made Resume handling looks so easy that you enjoy placing people in the right companies. What more exuberates you is the fact you’ve provided the right job to all applicant as per his skill set and just another proud moment for a recruiter to feel good about his job. CV Automation is next to convenience for job seekers.

6 E2- Experience and Engagement are 2 key differentiators in today’s staffing and job board businesses. People who understand the nuances between two well are able to pull the right chords in-time and have more visitors coming on their site. Hence leading to more submissions, more resumes, more applicants which finally leads to more business.

7 Consistency- An agile Resume Parser benchmark its accuracy by exceeding the desired standards and matching the given criteria of job descriptions. With  parser you can parse millions of resumes in a day and scale your business as-of-when required. SaaS hosted on Cloud makes it easily compatible with all Recruitment Management solutions.

8 Conversion- More candidates register on your site and apply for jobs. This improves your placement rate and builds credibility amongst job seekers. Today applicants want to walk-through the entire system very quickly and parser can do that for you. Once candidate has uploaded the resume, engage him by showing the preferred jobs.

9 Different Geographies- Today almost every parser reads ‘n’ different types of languages that can make your business compete globally. With multi-lingual parser you can explore opportunities around and even scale your business. Now is the time to extend your services and parse resumes the best way possible.

10 Increased Productivity- Having a parser makes you spend less time on data verification. As the information get’s accurately parsed into forms, Recruiter’s saves a lot of time rather validating info manually. This has enhanced the productivity significantly with level of accuracy benchmarked on any given set of data.

The list is not completely exhaustive as Parser may be contributing to Recruitment in lot of other ways as well. Resume Parser is easily integratable with every ATS, HR suite or ERP that handles recruitment component of an organization. Thus there will always be more benefits of having a resume parser than not to have one.

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