The recruitment process keeps on evolving. Technology has given recruitment a new direction to get quality talent.  The traditional method has taken a backseat with the introduction of new tools and solutions. Now, the companies have better opportunities to add value to their talent pool.  But with the right tools, you also need to know about the right direction to head in. The best approach to determine this is by following the current trends.

Diversity is the Buzzword

You must have heard a lot about diversity. It is a much-talked-about topic these days. In fact, you can call it a gamechanger in recruitment. Most of the companies are now convinced that diversity will bring value to their organization. However, the trend says that companies should focus on making their employees feel that they belong to the company. This gives psychological stability to the employees.

According to LinkedIn, 78% of companies focus on diversity to improve their culture.

You must note that diverse teams are more innovative, productive, and engaged. Companies take into consideration various aspects such as racial and ethnic diversity, gender, age, education, etc.

Data is an Asset

Hiring managers and professionals are using data to get the best results. Be it hiring great talent or measuring employees’ performance, data is considered to be very powerful. You can predict hiring outcomes with numbers. Data-driven recruiting gives a scientific aspect to hiring. It also eliminates bias as it promotes recruitment based on numbers and not likeability.

Use numbers to determine time-to-hire, cost-per-hire, applicants-per-source, applicants-to-hire, and many other related metrics. These metrics will help you take the best hiring decisions ever. In other words, data helps in making decisions based on facts and statistics.

For example, Google analytics can help you in finding out the most effective source for getting maximum candidates.

Artificial Intelligence is the King

AI comes with myths. HR professionals believe that AI will take away jobs through automation. But it is also a fact that the final decision of hiring a candidate always rests with the recruiter. AI will only help the recruiter in filling up positions quickly by making the recruitment process faster.

Technology tools will take away the burden of going through numerous resumes and shortlisting candidates. This saves time and effort of the companies and increases productivity. You can use a resume parsing, an effective recruitment analytics solution, which extracts candidate information from resumes and saves it in data fields. Chatbots are another form of AI which talks to candidates on behalf of recruiters. They answer candidates’ queries, ask them questions to screen for an interview, and ask for their resume.

A New Aspect of Interview

Traditional interviews are boring and old-school, but they are still effective for hiring managers. Or I can say that’s the only way how hiring managers recruit candidates. However, interviews are being reinvented. The reason is that you cannot assess soft skills of candidates and remove the bias element.

There are new tools available in the market which can fix these issues. Video interviews, virtual reality assessments, soft skills assessments, and job auditions are some of the techniques which can be considered as the new face of interviews. These methods ensure that candidates also get a positive experience during interviews.

Thus, embracing diversity, data, AI and new interviewing techniques is the key to get quality candidates. Ensure that you are staying up-to-date with the latest trends in the HR tech industry and make your recruitment better. 

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Comment by Emma Xue on May 22, 2019 at 8:40pm
Hi Rchilli,

I'm interested in New Aspect of Interview. Would you pls share more about virtual reality assessments, soft skills assessments, and job auditions? Thank you.   
Comment by Jonathan Duarte on July 18, 2019 at 3:09am

Hey there Vinay,

I like the infographic, simple and to the point.

I'm wondering how you think AI and chatbots will converge with resume parsing solutions in the coming months and years. When speaking about Recruiting Automation and AI, I usually break the two into separate conversations.

AI & Machine Learning in the Sourcing and Matching conversation and Recruiting Chatbots in the Recruiting Automation conversation.

- Jonathan Duarte

Comment by Rchilli Parser on August 5, 2019 at 1:48am

Hi Jonathan,

Thanks for your feedback.

As per the industry report, it is found that 74% of candidates drop off their job application process before completing it. Chatbots play a vital role in improving the candidate experience through effective communication and engagement with candidates. It includes answering candidate FAQs, collecting candidate experience feedback, screening and shortlisting them for an interview, etc.
Resume parser helps in extracting resume details into various data fields. Using this data, organizations can build a smarter resume which can help chatbots to ask contextual questions in screening for interviews. It will help in improving candidate experience as well as employer branding.

Refering a case study for more information here.


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