Data science has become the most sought-after technical courseware and its wave has caught the world by a rave storm and is taking the technological revolution to newer heights. it is sure to be believed that the enormity of the data is the reason for the humungous data science demand.

Data science is being used by all businesses that want to utilize this data to build models that will help them grow their businesses by understanding trends, buyers’ choices, and emerging trends. Certified data scientists’ expertise helps in creating efficient data science units, standardize the processes, build on the skillsets and intelligent apps. Over the decades, the market size of data science platforms is expected to reach 178 billion US dollars by 2025. The main reason behind pushing this huge rise is that with the growth of data size, businesses are ready to invest any amount they can in processing the structured and unstructured data and seeing how they can meaningfully put that data to their use. To increase revenue, push market boundaries, enhance customer base, companies want to use efficient means to sort the available data and see how they can create prediction models to study consumer trends, growth in demand, a possible slump, and competitor analysis.

Having talked at length why data science is the key factor impacting business growth at a large scale, it becomes inevitable to understand what it takes to become the best data science professional. It is a smart move to choose a career in data science now, not just for the pay or the demand, but because economies can change simply because of data, which a specialised data scientist can churn up. Along with the basic educational qualifications, data science certifications provide you with proof of the qualities and knowledge you possess. If you have gained excellency in the field and top certifications, there’s no stopping for you in this industry.

Top data science certifications to invest in 2022 are listed below:

  1. IBM Data Science Certification (Coursera)

The certification provides necessary data science skills that help in building, testing, and training data models. This program is aimed at helping beginners gain an understanding of the fundamental concepts of data science, the roles, and responsibilities of a data scientist.

  1. Dell EMC Proven Professional Certification Program

Dell EMC offers a program that promises hands-on practitioner approach. It offers an associate-level and a specialist-level which is more advanced. It is valid for two years and is a clear win in-front of the managers and recruiters.

  1. Complete Data Science Bootcamp (Udemy)

It offers a complete toolbox which assists your learning of the most sought-after programming language Python coding. It helps you solve real-life business cases that will get you the job role. Question and answer support and community helps in smooth learning trajectory.

  1. Certified Analytics Professional

CAP offers a vendor-neutral data scientist certification that helps you to balance your more specific skillsets. It promises to transform complex data into valuable insights and actions. This certification is valid for 3 years period.

  1. USDSI™ Certified Data Science Professional (CDSP™)

Internationally ranked as the best data science certification, you can achieve one of the distinguished qualifications in data science and get a heat-start in your career as a learned data science professional. It is a self-paced program that is recognised worldwide and USDSI™ provides certifications for beginners as well as professionals with three different skillset variations to cover the skill-gap- Certified Data science professional (CDSP™), Certified Lead data scientist (CLDS™), and Certified Senior data scientist (CSDS™).

  1. Data Scientist Nanodegree by Udacity

If you are looking for a career shift, this course from Udacity is a perfect match. These are recognised globally and firms like Google, AT&T and others have been its clients. It aims to provide learners with the most well-rounded training possible, ensuring that they are prepared for any problems that may arise in the real world through projects, coaching, and customized learning.

  1. Professional Certificate in Data Science from Harvard University (edX)

This program from Harvard teaches you the core data science fundamentals, such as R and machine learning, via real-world case studies to help you get started in the data science industry.

A certified data scientist is a pivot for any organization’s amplified growth. Data science certifications clearly demonstrate that you have invested time, effort, and money in improving your abilities and becoming a better data scientist and no employer will overlook a compelling portfolio that showcases your talents, experience, and aptitude to develop strong data science projects. Best data science certifications have their own set of benefits. Go for the one that suits your area of interest and leverages a meatier data science role in the long run.

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