Top Five Jobs in Artificial Intelligence

About 97 percent of companies are investing in artificial intelligence and Big Data, according to New Vantage Partners' executive survey.   

 This unexpectedly large statistic is enough to scare us about the future of work. Dependency on machines is increasing. It is no surprise that artificial intelligence is taking over jobs. Several reports have already predicted how robots will take over human jobs. Is it something to be concerned about?  

Definitely. Today more jobs are going to artificial intelligence and robots than ever. Some creatively complex tasks like mason’s bricklaying are performed by robots. What would humans do if robots and machines do the jobs which were previously done by humans? Will future eradicate jobs for humans? It might. But for now, AI careers have a selection of roles that promise growth and skill development and are in demand.  

As companies are starting to realize the potential of AI-powered tools and applications, they are starting to hire for AI roles. These roles pay more salary than the standard salary of tech jobs and imperative for companies to sustain themselves in the current AI-influenced economy.  

AI engineers including Machine Learning Engineer, Data Scientist, Natural Language Processing Engineer, etc. are some jobs that are dominating the AI landscape. In the past few years, the demand for these roles has grown exponentially. In the coming future, among other AI jobs, the demand for these roles doesn’t seem to get lesser.  

Here are the top five jobs for an AI career  

  1. Machine Learning Engineer—Machine learning engineers are perhaps the most in-demand professionals in the AI realm. They perform some sophisticated tasks by helping machines learn. Some roles in AI qualify as a subset of machine learning engineer’s role. Their responsibilities include running and testing machines to learn. 

 Machine learning engineers are in high demand with a starting median salary of around $1,00,000 per annum.   

  1. Computer Vision Engineer – This role is the closest to the imaginable role in AI. To understand the role of computer vision engineers, imagine self-driving cars. How do you think self-driving cars recognize traffic signs? Computer vision engineers enable that. They are experts at helping machines recognize patterns and see complex patterns conveniently. 

 Mainstream technologies like facial recognition, gesture recognition, etc. came into being due to vision engineers.  

starting salary of a computer vision engineer is around $120,000 and their demand is moderately high.  

  1. Data Scientist – Harvard has called Data Scientist the sexiest job of the 21st century. These professionals dig large amounts of data to uncover hidden patterns and make sense of it. They work with business stakeholders to help them drive decisions. Among AI jobs, Data Scientists are perhaps the most  

In the beginning, as a Data Scientist, salary is around $1,00,000. The demand for Data Scientist is extremely high around the world. 

  1. Business Intelligence (BI) Developer – Business Intelligence Developer collects and maintains data related to business. For instance, sales, marketing, revenue, customer feedback—all this data is held by applications that are utilized by BI developers to assess business health and further recommend solutions to rectify. 

developers can earn around $ 80, 000 at the starting of the career. Their demand is extremely high across the industry.  

  1. Algorithm Developer – Algorithm developers write, research, and test new algorithms. The implementation of algorithms is a major part of their job. Modifying algorithms as they work is a more crucial responsibility of their job. 

 Demand for Algorithm Developer is average, but they are handsomely paid. An entry-level Algorithm Developer can earn around $1,20,000. 

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