The last few months have been testing, challenging, confusing, overwhelming and so much more for so many people! During such uncertain times everyone has had to adapt – and fast. Lockdown has meant every day working life has been turned on its head for the masses.

One major change we have all seen in one way or another is that our homes have now become our place of work, the children’s school, our work shop, a hub of creativity – our homes have gone from our sanctuary and transformed into so much more. With more and more companies hiring during lockdown the interview process has seen a drastic change - video interviews are becoming the norm! Clients are now interviewing applicants online via video links from the comfort of their home or office rather than face-to-face.

Here are our top tips on the video interview process:


Without an internet connection a video / online interview would not be possible! So first things first ensure you have a secure and reliable internet connection. Speed is of course important, we all know how frustrating it is to experience lagging when we are watching a video or on a video call – so avoid this at all costs. You can find internet speed checkers online, it could be worth running one on so you know for sure your connectivity is up to scratch!


Be aware of your surroundings! Make sure the space where you plan to have your interview is clutter free, tidy, no dirty clothes, dishes and mess in the background. Being in a messy or cluttered space can have a knock on effect on your peace of mind, declutter, tidy up, and make sure the space you will be in is visually appealing to ensure you are in the best possible frame of mind for your video interview. Plus it wouldn’t paint you in the best light being surrounded by mess during your interview.


Just because you are not leaving your house does not mean you shouldn’t make the effort! Of course, be comfortable – but also remember first impressions count, so wear something presentable and smart. I am sure you have seen a lot of images doing the rounds of people formal on the top half, and then casual on the bottom, if that helps you feel more relaxed then by all means do it. Just make sure at no point you will need to have to stand up or you could have some awkward questions to answer when your Christmas p.j bottoms are on full display.

No Distractions:

Lock up your kids, pets, partner, flat mates – anyone or anything that could be a distraction make sure they are out of the way (as harsh as that may sound). You wouldn’t have your child running around the room in a face-to-face interview, so remember to keep up the same standards during your video interview. Also you have prepped and worked hard to get to this interview stage so you would be doing yourself a disservice by not keeping distractions under control.


Interviewing from the comfort of your home most certainly has its benefits, being relaxed and comfortable in your surroundings is definitely a perk! BUT be careful this doesn’t also work against you. Remember to be professional, all the etiquette we associate with a face – to face interview still stand when having a video interview – maybe minus the formal handshake at the beginning! Ensure you are prepared for your interview, research the company, think about any questions you wish to put forward – do not let standards drop during the video interview process.

If you have any questions about video interviewing – whether you are a client looking to introduce this to your hiring process OR perhaps you are a professional with an upcoming video interview please do get in touch via 020 8655 1600 or We are happy to help.

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