Virtual Career Fairs: 5 Ways to Stand Out as an Employer

So you've decided to host a Virtual Career Fair, huh? Congratulations! Virtual Career Fairs are a great recruiting tool that can help your team achieve your hiring goals more efficiently. Not only has it been a huge aid during the pandemic, but it also serves as a bridge between recruiters and candidates from any location.

But among the hundreds to millions of recruiters hosting virtual events, how are you going to set yourself apart? What do you have that other virtual events don't?

Making a good impression is even more so important when you're not able to meet face-to-face at a traditional career fair. Therefore, it's absolutely necessary to put in a little more effort to ensure candidates are satisfied with their virtual job search - and impressed with your event.

Here are some ways you can differentiate yourself as an employer hosting a virtual job fair.

Identify your audience

Know what your talent pool consists of. Promoting a job opening to a millennial is different than promoting to a baby boomer. You want to make sure you're tailoring your job descriptions and social media promotions to match whoever you're connecting with so you can craft an appealing, targeted message.

By identifying your hiring goals and aligning them with what your candidates would expect and like to see, you have a higher chance of attracting top-tier talent and securing those hires.

Shorten the application process

Virtual job fairs are flexible and convenient but limited in time. Candidates don't want to be spending their time filling out job applications or inputting contact information when they could be directly speaking with a recruiter, tuning into webinars, or setting up a job interview.

Set yourself apart by providing a seamless virtual event experience. Enable job seekers to upload their resumes and work experience prior to the event. This way they can enjoy the experience without any roadblocks.

Create branded registration pages

As an employer, it's crucial that you keep your company culture and branding at the forefront of your virtual event. Virtual Career Fair platforms provide you with the resources to set up the essentials, but it's still up to you to dictate the aesthetics, colors, and vibe of your event. This is where the first impression really counts.

Virtual career fair platforms provide recruiters with the ability to create branded registration and sign-up pages, so candidates are always interacting with the branding that represents your organization.

Keep up communication

Virtual recruiting is a great way to get both recruiters and candidates at the same place and same time, but it takes more than that to hire the best talent. Consistent communication is key to making candidates feel valued. With the right Virtual Career Fairs platform, you can connect with candidates at every stage of the hiring process such as screening, scheduling, interviewing, follow-up, and more.

XOR Virtual Career Fairs enables recruiters to speak with candidates over text and send them reminders or ask for feedback post-event. During the event, recruiters can initiative live chat or video chat with qualified candidates, mimicking an in-person career fair as closely as possible.

Pick the right Virtual Career Fairs platform for your needs

To create the perfect virtual event experience, your team needs the right technology and resources to achieve these goals. While there are a ton of Virtual Career Fair software on the market, they largely vary in costs, features, and functionality. Picking the right one can be daunting without thorough research.

Make it easier on your team by agreeing on your hiring needs, budget, and headcount. Cementing these components will make it easier for you to find the right software fit.

Not sure if a virtual career fair is right for you? Here are 3 things to consider before hosting a Virtual Career Fair.


It's no news that Virtual Career Fairs are a great recruiting tool, but setting yourself apart as an employer may take more effort than you think. To make this easier on your team, it's important to talk about your hiring goals as a team - then decide on a platform that best fits your needs. With the right initiatives, you can create an exceptional virtual event, securing you the best talent.

To learn more, check out the How-to Guide on Virtual Career Fairs.

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