It 5am, and of course you are up!  As an entrepreneur these 5am, 4am (or my personal favorite: 2am) wake up call times quickly turn into regular patterns.  The two little demons, "Fear" and "Worry," are quite happy to push that buzzer for you today.  As an entrepreneur, over time you will develop the stamina to simply use these nasty little wake-up calls as a way to add much needed quiet time back into your very busy day. 


Changing from being driven by Fear and Worry to being THE driving force can be especially difficult at these 5, 4 and 2 hours in the morning.  But Fear and Worry are just like short sighted horse trainers.  These trainers will boast that in order to break a horse you have to run them until they are so tired that they have no other choice but to just "get it."  The downfall in this training technique is that each time they try to run the horse into the ground, it takes just a minute longer to get the submission they mistake as learning.  In that whole extra minute of running, the body has gotten just a little stronger and the mind has had an entire minute longer to work on the puzzle the trainer has been testing against day in and day out.  Because of this short sighted view after a while the trainers are unable to match the capabilities they have forced out of their horse, and resort to labeling the horse a "rogue."  At this point, the horse usually sold to an experienced trainer that can harness the power and the intellect properly.


There is a saying in the horse world: "A good horse will always survive a bad trainer."  As an Entrepreneur, you too will survive and learn to use Fear and Worry as your own personal short sighted trainers.  Let them run you into the ground everyday.  Be patient with yourself and know everyday you ARE going to fall over one whole minute later then you did the last time. That's really is OK…BUT ONLY IF YOU GET UP AGAIN TOMORROW!  As Entrepreneurs, it's all about utilizing that one extra minute to sustain forward momentum and gaining a bit more insight into what needs to be done.


Remember that society only rewards and recognizes people as leaders if and when they have the "hands-on experience" to back up what they say.  Here are just a few successful Entrepreneurs we ALL recognize as leaders in their respected industries Jim Treliving, Kevin O'Leary, Arlene Dickinson , Robert Herjavec, and W. Brett Wilson .  As an Entrepreneur you know that all of these individuals, like you, utilized the training Fear and Worry gave them to ensure their own success.


Good Luck Today!!

Rebecca B. Sargeant

The Recruiter’s Career Coach

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Comment by Heidi on December 17, 2010 at 11:46am

Right on Rebecca- This was exactly what I needed to read today.  Thanks for sharing!



Comment by wolmarans on December 17, 2010 at 6:15pm


Okay thanks for that but what advice can you give me in regards to finding your passion and making it work for you. I've been away from South Africa now living in Milan and travelling in general for the last 21 years, now I'm back here and need to find or create a job for myself here, and it's a frustrating issue, because I do not know where my real passion lies...

Any advice would be appreciated,



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