What Is A Neural Network And How Do I Engage Candidates That Are In This Realm?

Are you struggling to understand what machine learning is? One of the most popular forms of machine learning is centered around the neural network. A neural network is nothing more than an input layer a hidden layer and an output layer. You can also have a deep neural network which simply means that you have many hidden layers between the input layer and the output layers.

Each input is nothing more than a single piece of data that connects to a hidden layer node. Get a piece of paper and draw on the far left-hand side three values horizontally which would be v1, v2 and v3 and then draw 4 circles to the right of that and draw a line connecting each v to the circles and then to the right of the circles draw two values o1 and o2 and label them apple or pear.

You would then test or train those data points against the outputs to which you can then bring in new data and the computer will then learn or identify which of the new items might be an apple or pear.

This is oversimplified however I would take the time to learn a little Python utilizing the Tensorflow library as there are so many tutorials out there. When you engage your hiring managers, ask them what frameworks are they using - Python, R, etc... This will allow you to better search and engage candidates to sell them on your programs!

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