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Why Cloud? Why Now?

I remember a few decades ago when we had dummy terminals and mainframes. If something were to happen to an individual node you had no issue as it was centrally stored.

The rise of personal computers led to a WAN and LAN based structure that dominated the commercial market until recently.  Today it is all about cloud and migrating your environments to these respective…


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Do You Get Git?

Are you struggling to find good developer talent? Have you tried GitHub? GitHub is one of the best networks of actual developers and their respective code bases in the world.

I am partially biased as I use GitHub to store all of my coding work and have made many great connections to some amazing talent.

I would start simple with a good title that you are sourcing…


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What Is A Neural Network And How Do I Engage Candidates That Are In This Realm?

Are you struggling to understand what machine learning is? One of the most popular forms of machine learning is centered around the neural network. A neural network is nothing more than an input layer a hidden layer and an output layer. You can also have a deep neural network which simply means that you have many hidden layers between the…


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What Do I Look For When Recruiting Restful Web Services?

I often see recruiters struggling to understand and source for candidates with an understanding of Restful Web Services so I thought I would break it down to the core components.

You have a client that has to interface with a web server (you going to on your browser) to which your client connects via HTTP or HTTPS to a URL resource which sits on the web…


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Have You Thought About Looking For Freelance Developers Who Might Be Interested In A Full-Time Gig?

Struggling to find new developer candidates?  Like many of you, I think about all of the possible avenues where we might harvest great and new talent. 

Being a contract developer in the digital solutions world I only did freelance work as I wanted to have a career outside of just developing.  Don't get me wrong I LOVE to develop but my true passion is Talent Sourcing. …


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Are You A Talent Sourcer Or Recruiter Struggling To Source Or Recruit For Java Developers?

Are you struggling to find new Java Developers and it seems like everywhere you go you are coming up dry?  The fact is Java is still the most popular programming language with over 9 million developers around the globe.

Java is made up of not only core Java but many very popular frameworks.  It is possible that Java Developers could list out their frameworks rather than…


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Sometimes The Job Description Just Ain't Right

I remember years ago when I was recruiting on a Java role to which one of the requirements included 3+ years of solid COBOL development experience in addition to 5+ years of C++.  Being a contract developer myself I began to think to myself and wonder what kind of an environment is this to which they have three very different code bases?

The program manager at the time…


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Does YOUR Organization Have A Successful Talent Capture Strategy?

Sourcing and recruiting effective talent is only a small part of the Talent Capture equation.  In today's feverishly competitive market we simply do not have enough skilled professionals for a host of Cyber, Cloud and Developer roles, particularly in the Federal IT space.

In your organization how long does it take when you send a successfully screened candidate to a…


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Understanding Your Client Space When Engaging Candidates

I have found it very useful in the past when I managed a small team of Recruiters to which they did their own sourcing to take them directly to client-site and have them understand the dynamic of the lab or space to which they were recruiting so that they understood for example it may be a 1,000,000 line Java code base to which they utilize the Eclipse IDE to which the…


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