In haste I hurried home as I was late again after a busy day at work.  New baby, new obligations, new changes and Voila - it's like everything moves and flows with the seasons and days.  In the past few months each new change has brought an interesting perspective - how can I achieve what I set out to do, when momentous occasions in my career make me stand back and say - Wow! Did I really do that? As I walked in the door I took stock of what my familial needs were - challenges financially, debt, and an inward knowledge that I had to find a way to succeed in any personal endeavor.  Along the journey have been bumps and bruises, grand vistas that make me stand in awe, and friends, colleagues, and fellow challengers of destiny.  For once I reaffirmed that I make my own luck, nothing could keep me from my personal goals.


It is with great inward resolve that once I set a goal that I will stop at nothing until it has been achieved.  There is a certain amount of clarity of purpose when one sets their direction and moves the ball forward in their own inward commitment.  Every journey starts with a single step, every conviction is full of purpose and there are moments of clarity and cloudy days of change.


Life is like a merry go round, you push your convictions onward and set the goals as you commit to your own inner greatness, it's a great endeavor and rewarding as well as challenging.  There are so many different directions one can be pulled, being able to prioritize when all around you don't know what to prioritize that starts to mark your journey with a few potholes right?  Life's road is like a journey of perspective, there can be no achievement without some kind of inward clarity.


There is a story from my faith - the story of David O. McKay.  As a service missionary for our church, he had grown very homesick in England - on a day of destiny he stopped by an old church, and when he had been discouraged in his efforts suddenly the answer became loud and clear as he walked under a stone arch with an inscription that would never make him forget his inward potential and he held it as a motto: "What e'er thou art, Act well thy part."  It moved him, that while he was serving his fellow man he needed to make a commitment to "act well his part."  Never again would idle thoughts cross his mind, he had chosen his course and made it clear that he would succeed.


As I look back on the challenges of life, I must focus on what I have - enjoying the journey on Life's road lends itself to success in staffing.  There is no doubt that challenges can be overcome when one act's well thy part.  Whether that be calling resumes and focusing on key skills, or being able to close a candidate, staffing is chalk full of moments where life brings mixed results, or max outcomes when one is committed to greatness.  The road of life is best enjoyed when one knows what they want out of life, and then lets all outward opportunities or circumstances roll off their back like a duck.  The road of life is not an easy journey but no matter what life's road puts before us, one must find the capacity to deliver outstanding and incredible results - those are the heart of any commitment to recruiting or for that matter life.  One must hold their perspective and keep making the amazing happen. 

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