What To Look For When You’re Looking Into A Recruitment Agency

When looking for potential job candidates, executive recruiters might want to “pipeline” them for any openings that will be available in the near future. By regularly keeping an eye out for candidates, employers will be able to fill empty spots more quickly and determine if the person will fit the needs of the company. However, sometimes this can be a difficult goal to accomplish; this is why employers might need the professional help of a headhunting agency. Employers can accomplish this by shifting their mindset about possible employees and keeping an eye out for them. They can ask for referrals from those they know and keep the communication lines open between recruiters and the hiring manager.

As an employer, you might know the benefits of using executive recruiters or candidates to fill positions through an agency, but you might not realize the importance and wisdom of transitioning temporary hires into permanent hires as soon as possible. Several reasons for this might make you rethink your approach to your search for employees differently than you might have in the past.

Executive recruiters should remember that they are making a long-term investment in the company. You will save time and money and reduce turnover when you keep employees on board. Employers can accomplish this through networking and looking for talent that meshes with their company. Another idea is to take enough time to hire people and not rush through the process. You will be less likely to make mistakes and choose candidates more wisely, which will help you hire and retain the best employees possible.

First, employers should make a plan and list the skills they want in an employee. They can prioritize these and include the most important skills and those that can be the hardest to find. When you have a solid idea of what you want, you are more likely to find it. Second, talk to the team about building trust and seek their involvement and participation so that they are on-board with the plan. Talk to them about any suggestions they have and implement those where appropriate. Third, decide how many candidates you will interview and how you will keep track of those you want to meet with again.

Fourth, don’t interview candidates unless they meet the minimum requirements. Think about screening them through preliminary phone calls or by using a headhunting agency like IQpartners.com so that you can save valuable time in the job-search process. Fifth, sell the candidate on your company, especially if they are currently employed. Work on building a relationship with them before they are even hired. Give them your contact and social media information to help familiarize them with your company. Sixth, ask if they know anyone else in the industry and keep the names they give you for future reference even if you don’t plan on hiring anyone else in the immediate future.

Seventh, keep in touch with prospective contacts and update their status regularly. Eighth, set weekly goals so that you can stay on top of the hiring process. By finding ways to integrate temporary workers into your organization, your company will gain solid employees who will enhance your mission and help you grow.

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Comment by James Chmielinski on December 30, 2014 at 3:35pm

Definitely Excellent Top 10% Agency Advice, but the other 90% fall into the equation in my article: https://www.linkedin.com/pulse/recruiter-civil-war-my-arse-pricing-...


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