At the HR Tech Conference, I answered many questions on how to simplify the recruitment process. Though everyone knew the traditional recruitment process no longer works, they wanted to know in detail about the areas where automation could be incorporated to boost up the speed of recruitment process.

Let me get to the point. We say a resume parser is the need of the hour but what difference does it make to a recruiter while hiring candidates? The obvious answer is that it will help in closing jobs quickly but let’s touch the minute aspects of recruitment which can be transformed with the help of technology.

I am going to make a comparison between Starbucks, iCIMS, Workday, and other leading companies and check out their recruiter and candidate experience.


People say it is tough to apply for a job on Starbucks’ website. Well, it is true. You might have to spend almost 20 mins to submit your job application.

  • After numerous clicks, you are able to reach the login page.
  • Once you log in, the sight of the long application process scares the candidate.
  • Upon resume upload, the fields will be populated, but the system does not pick up every resume detail. You still need to fill up a few fields before moving further.
  • The system also doesn’t show the recent experience. It does not consider the job period end date mentioned as ‘to date.’

Starbucks lacks a positive candidate experience. The lengthy process is tiring and time-consuming. A good resume parser is a solution to this challenge which can reduce the resume submission time drastically.

Read to know why candidates avoid filling up lengthy applications.


Applying at Workday is a bit simpler than Starbucks, but there are certain loopholes:

  • You can start applying by creating a login or via LinkedIn. However, other social logins such as Facebook, Google are missing.
  • There is a lesser number of fields in which resume information can be extracted.

For example,

  1. You can get more information on Experience through the following fields:
  • Work Period

- Total Experience in Months

- Total Experience in Year

- Total Experience Range

  • Gap Period
  • Average Stay
  • Longest Stay

2. There is no field for ‘Projects.

By adding the following fields, the recruiters can get more information about the candidate.                 

  • Project

- Used Skills

- Project Name

- Team Size

3. Skills column goes blank if the candidate does not write his/her skills.

A resume parser can take care of this issue with the help of taxonomies. It will provide job-related skills and help in knowing more about the candidate’s expertise.


iCIMS uses a resume parser to extract information from the resumes into data fields. However, it does not provide complete information about the candidate.

  • Many other data fields are missing which offer better identification of candidate skills and expertise. These fields are:

- Education which includes details of the institute, sub-institute, degree, etc.

- Experience

- Skills

- Projects


A good point about Microsoft is that it has social logins. You do not have to create a separate account to start the application process.

Once you upload your resume, the experience fields are automatically filled up. This includes

  • Company Name
  • Job Title
  • Start Date
  • End Date
  • Description


Applying for a job at Phenom People is a matter of a few seconds. The candidate uploads the resume, and the data fields are automatically populated. With the help of a parser, they provide an excellent user experience to candidates and recruiters can shortlist candidates quickly.


When you upload a resume, the system parses the information.

  • Upon parsing a resume, the skills field is automatically populated. But it can have more fields in detail such as:

- Formatted Name

- Alias

- Last used

- Evidence

- Skill Type (Operational/Behavioral/Soft/Knowledge/Tool/Technology)

- Experience (in months)

  • Also, the candidate has to fill in the experience and education field manually.

The application process at starts with a chatbot. A chatbot talks to you and asks you a few questions after which you upload your resume. The entire job application process needs just a few minutes of yours and lets you apply on the go.

In brief, if you are a recruiter, you must ask yourself these questions:

  • What is the resume upload time on your website?
  • Do you provide social logins?
  • How much time does a candidate take to fill up a job application?
  • Are you offering a positive candidate experience?
  • As a recruiter, are you getting complete candidate information?
  • Are you using automation but still need manual intervention?

At RChilli, we make sure to fix all these loopholes, and recruiters get enriched information about the candidate. The solutions or suggestions mentioned above are what makes RChilli unique.

It seems like a war zone where every organization is fighting against each other to acquire the right talent. Some have adopted AI while some are still stuck with age-old weapons and losing hold in the market. Which one would you think will win the talent war?

The answer is obvious!

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