A new revolution is on its way to disrupt the tech world. Any guesses what I am talking about?

Artificial Intelligence is our future and its high time we accept and widen our knowledge on what all is possible through this ingenious invention. If managed wisely, it can inexplicable positive changes to civilization and enable it to flourish like never before.

Artificial Intelligence is around us in disparate forms but many of us really notice that? Did you know that SIRI which is use casually on your Phone is a result of AI? Never have you ever give that a thought, did you? And, that’s not it. There are way bigger things that can be achieved by AI. From self-driving cars to autonomous weapons, it is hard for us to imagine how AI can revamp our lives.

Career in AI

With this aggressive intrusion of AI in the tech sphere, gathering information and developing a robust foundation in this technological marvel can do wonders to your career. After all, it is one of the best technologies that we have around us today and what can be a smarter move than building a career in it to attract tons of success.

To get into AI engineering, you have to be familiar with the unparalleled programs that contrive clever solutions to perplexing problems. Also, you need to understand its philosophical, logical and cognitive aspects.

Demand for AI Professionals

The demand for AI Professionals is going off the charts and good news for job aspirers is that a myriad of industry verticals that are embracing AI and evidently have a high requirement for professionals with a power to comprehend it and apply it where needed.

  1. Robotics

Domains of work in robotics cover vision and planning, linguistic communication, learning, motor control along with cooperative behavior.

  1. Informatics

Artificial Intelligence applications for web crawling, data mining, email filtering are the areas around which Informatics revolve.

  1. Marketing

Marketing encompasses the creation of pertinent, timely, as well as targeted programs for acquiring new customers and reducing the current customer attrition rates.

  1. Engineering

It encircles a range of areas like intelligent control systems, intelligent design aids, fault diagnosis, integrated systems to facilitate manufacturing, intelligent production systems, design, sales, maintenance together with expert configuration devices.

  1. Medicine

Dominions which can be captured by competent AI professionals in the field of medicine include interpreting medical imaging, diagnostics, expert systems for supporting physicians, controlling and monitoring in ICUs, designing better drugs, and contriving prosthetics.

  1. Space

The main spheres of work cover control as well as govern autonomous space vehicles along with robots which are too far away from our planet to be handled directly by humans on earth because of transmission delays, and planning as well as scheduling of self-operating space shuttle maintenance.

Further, defense is also a major realm where heavy funds are being invested to utilize artificial intelligence, resulting in the creation of new jobs as well as career opportunities experts in AI.

Typical career jobs in Artificial Intelligence

  • Software analysts and developers
  • AI scientists and researchers
  • AI engineers and consultants
  • Algorithm specialists
  • Health-care personnel working with vision restoration devices, prosthetics, hearing aids, and artificial organs
  • Surgical technicians utilizing robotic devices along with instrumentation
  • Aviation as well as military specialists working with drones, armaments in addition to flight simulators
  • Professors as well as teachers at technical and trade schools, vocational centers, and universities.

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