I got into a debate with some friends the other day and we really struggled with who is or was the greatest rock guitartist? Some said Jimi Hendrix, others said Duane Allman. Jimmy Page, Santana, Eddie Van Halen...who is the best of all time? This needs to be resolved. Thanks for your input.

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Was - Hendrix

IS - Jeff Beck
I like Pete Townshend the best.
Agree with Russ partially:

WAS- Hendrix

IS-Eddie Van Halen is pretty bad-ass- I wonder what he's up to??Jeff Beck is a guru is well, no doubt.
I like Jimmy Page. But Duane Allman and Jerry Garcia are close runner ups
Was Jimi Hendrix or Robby Krieger during the Doors era, if STRICTLY rock.
Is: Carlos Santana

I LOVE guitar, particularly if played by Eric Clapton, BB King, or Les Paul. For Classical: John Williams.

The Thrill is NOT gone! Hey did I mention I live not too far from the Rock N Roll Hall Of Fame, where Cleveland Rocks!?
Eddie just got out of rehab and was on the cover of one of the Guitar magazines, either Guitar World or Guitar Player. He has a new EVH amplifier that he designed with one of Fenders top technical guru's that he is launching. Still has the bravado and he is a gun slinger, one of the greatest ever. Beck still owns him though :), even Eric Clapton said "When he (Jeff Beck) is on he is THE best."

Suzy - you are the best, I am most impressed that you worked 4 days on the challenge. That's focus. Congratulations
I saw Clapton once and I was blown away. He is incredible. This is a tough question.
Bassist: Les Claypool. Sick ridiculous.
I agree Regan but you can't forget about the great canadian hero Geddy Lee
Top 5 All-Time IMHO:
- Jimi Hendrix
- Jerry Garcia
- Steve Howe
- Frank Zappa
- Duane Allman
You won't believe it, but John Mayer is actually good at playing the guitar. I've seen him live twice and was impressed. I think he is better live.
Mayer is great. I was very impressed with his performance at Live Earth. You will probably notice though that my selections for the most-part are all dead but one (Howe). IMO, all the great ones are long-gone (if not a far cry from what they once were, i.e. Clapton, Jimmy Page). Another more contemporary (past 10 years) guitarist I might add though would be Jonny Greenwood of Radiohead, a truly brilliant musician.

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