Question of the day: What special advice do you give to candidates for preparing for the second interview?

In follow up to today's RBC Daily:

As recruiters we all take time to prep our candidates. What (if any) special advice do you give to candidates for preparing for the second interview?

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Think about the first interview - hindsight is 20/20 so there are likely a few things he/she can recognize to take away from the first interaction both positive and negative.

Don't f this up.  

Bill stole my answer :)

The 2nd interview means that the hiring manager (or whoever went first) already likes you, wants to hire you, and needs someone else to validate their decision. Don't screw it up.

Bill Schultz said:

Don't f this up.  

Rinse and Repeat...they are exactly what you did last time.

Make sure you have intel on the company AND the person or people interviewing you.  This interview goes two ways, doesn't it?  For example - did you google the name(s) of those conducting the interview?  Did you search on LinkedIn as well?  Did you provide this information to your candidate? If you candidates interview prior to this candidate - what intel did you learn from the debriefing?  Did you share this information with this candidate?

Usually the 2nd interview may be the first face to face interview.  Did you share where the company is located?  How best to get there via Metro or driving?  How is the parking situation?  Given, this is information your candidate can do themselves but you are the expert in interviewing, the candidate is the expert in the position for which they are interviewing - not an expert on interviewing.

Be consistent; take an energy level; listen and find reasons to compliment what you're discovering about them...but not overly.

If this is the job and company you really not leave without making it evident you feel you're a good fit and look forward to an opportunity to prove it...ASK FOR THE JOB.

BTW--I never add any additional pressure on a candidate, going on a second interview, to not f it or screw it up.  That's accentuating an obvious negative outcome.  They know that.  It's more important to accentuate the positive.  Congratulate them for making a good first impression--and like Christopher suggested--go with what worked the first time...

In my world, the 1st interview, you meet the hiring manager only.  The 2nd interview is the technical interview with peers and others.  It's usually a 4 hour affair.  It's really the most grueling and important day.  My advice is simply stay consistent and don't take anyone for granted.  You're really not a serious candidate until you get through this.  

Bill Schultz said:

Don't f this up.  

I always tell the candidates not to get overly comfortable and act the way they did during the first interview.

I think, the second interview should be based on the experience in the first meeting. let's say, submitting a report (on findings) pertaining to the requirements of the employer is not a bad idea.  Producing credentials to support the claims made by the applicant in the first meeting? Definitely, there should be a value addition when compared to the first meeting!

I try to give them any insight I have into what they are looking for that is more personality based etc.  What the HM shared with they didn't like about other candidates and always tell them to ask questions, specific as to next step....don't wait for them to offer the job, ask them for it.

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