Video interviewing is being called the must have tool for recruiters in 2013. What do you think?

I have read a few articles over the last few weeks saying that video interviewing will be the must have tool for employers who recruit a high volume of staff and would love to know so other peoples thoughts?

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so is it skype or video interviewing software you use Seth?

I know many IT headhunters use video interviewing to screen applicants and then follow-up with face-to-face interviews with those they think are a great match.



I think there would be a lot of different opinions and implementation depending on whether you talk to a recruiting firm vs. hiring company. As a 3rd party recruiter, I use the phone for the majority of the screening and qualfiying process. The client will use phone for preliminary conversation followed by in person interview(s). I have used Skype when it is more convenient - for example, some calls to remote or far away locations have a much better connection with Skype or allows a more cost efficient way if a candidate is contacting us.

I would think that companies will have to manage a video interview process carefully to ensure there is no use of it that could be construed as unfair or discriminatory. The further along in the process it's used, the more those problems would perhaps be lessened. But if they are using it right at initial screening, I would think there needs to be new guidelines added to their monitoring and reporting requirements?

Ever since the SmartSearch ATS integrated with Green Job Interview video interviewing a couple of yrs ago, we've seen steady growth using video interviewing as a means to save on travel costs. This does not REPLACE the in-person interview, it just allows more "face time" in the initial interviewing so that only the top candidate/s are selected for an in-person interview. The use of video has also increased on employment pages of our clients' websites, and use of video-conferencing is also on the upswing. Here at SmartSearch we use Skype or GoToMeeting for face-to-face and I've also noticed that more of my clients have webcams & know how to use them. So yes - I am inclined to agree that video interviewing is a "must have" if you want to interview more candidates face-to-face and not spend a lot of money doing it.

Thank you for the comments, I agree Video interviewing is not meant to cut out the face to face interview but means you  can short list the right candidates to meet in person saving you time, also great if you are recruiting people out of the area or people who are currently in full time employment.

Being able to have all the interviews saved for you to view when ever your free makes it a lot easier as well if anyone vwould like a demo please let me know.

We have just added HireVue as one of our tools to interviewing candidates.  So far, I really like it!  Prior to this we did most of our interviewing for remote, part-time positions via phone interviews - sometimes never seeing a candidate.  So obviously this gives us a greater insight into the candidate.

It's also nice because we can then share the interviews with the Hiring Managers, who can then see the same things we see in the candidate.  If an additional interview is necessary, it can then be done.

All in all, I am in favor of it!


This is not X Factor or Big Brother.

The main reason our clients love video interviewing is that it combines speed with getting to 'see' the candidates, so the conversion rate from face-to-face to job offer is raised to 70-80%. The important aspect is to make it nice and easy for the candidates so they get the best interview experience (combined with outstanding customer support) and a great impression of the client company. Once you get it right it can be the real differentiator in getting the right candidates in front of the hire managers - which makes them so much happier.

Sonru has been doing asyncronous video interviewing for over 4 years. Many of our clients (both private and government) see the advantages of having more control over the screening process - a similar experience for all candidates, transparency in the review procedures and so forth - to avoid challenges. Outstanding customer support is of course a must

So to go back to Amie's original question ... When we last year asked our clients how they would feel if they could not longer use Sonru, 96% stated they would be very disappointed or disappointed …

Thanks Mellanie and Maiken those are great statistics are you both based in the USA? 

Sonru is based in Ireland

sorry didnt realise you worked for Sonru Maiken in a world of my own this morning :-)

Hi Amie!  We recruit a lot from outside the local area so we do use Skype for interviews.  We have an iPad and a Skype account with a wireless connection and it works very well.  The only problem we tend to come across is that not everyone has Skype or the capability to Skype (no webcam etc) so we don't get to use it as often as we'd like.

We did recently hire someone that we interviewed via Skype from the other side of the world, without a face to face interview, and so the iPad has paid for itself several times over just from the one hire!

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