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What's the Unemployment Rate for the Candidates YOU Place?

When it comes to recessions, recruiters have long pointed out that the unemployment rate for the people they place is traditionally lower than the unemployment rate for the people they don’t place.

And recent statistics appear to validate that point.

According to those numbers, which were recently published by the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, those with a college degree are enjoying more of a recovery (i.e., landing…


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A Sampling of the ‘Funniest Excuses for Missing Work’

If you’ve been a recruiter for any length of time, you’ve heard candidates give excuses for missing an interview—or missing their first day on the job (if they even give you an excuse).  And once candidates become employees, they also develop a habit of giving their employer excuses, as well, especially when it comes to missing work.

Job board site CareerBuilder recently released a list of employee excuses for missing work.  Of course, this list has been quickly…


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Poll: Recruiters Receive 'Less of a Response' with Voicemail

We recently raised the issue of what kind of future voicemail has in recruiting.  Since that’s a timely topic in the world of business and within the recruiting industry, we thought it might be a good idea to follow up with a recruiter poll!…


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And the Percentage of Recruiters Who Make Client Visits is . . .

Every recruiter everywhere is doing everything they can to drum up new clients—and keep existing ones.

Should that include making client visits?  If so, how many client visits should recruiters make?

To be sure, there are many factors involved.  Below are a few:

1.The industry and niche in which the recruiter works

2.The business model of the recruiting firm

3. The…


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Are Candidates Receiving More Multiple Offers?


So much has been written—and continues to be written—about how this current economic recovery is slow, tepid, generally unsatisfying.

Okay, there’s ample evidence to support that.  However, there’s one thingthat…


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Do Recruiters View the Economy the Same as Other People?


Well, as soon as I blog about the fact that much continues to be written about this country's anemic economic recovery, I come across yet another such article.

A link to that article is below:…


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Poll: Big AND Small Companies Can't Find Skilled Workers


Here are some stark facts of reality about the employment workplace right now:

  1. Fact #1—The national unemployment rate is relatively high (right around 8.2%) and the underemployment rate, which is a more…

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Recruiter Poll: 26% of Clients 'Not Educated at All'

Educating clients about current conditions in the hiring market seems like a never-ending job for some recruiters.

But how many recruiters would that be?  And how much do these recruiters feel that they need to educate their clients?

We all know that when companies aren’t properly educated about market conditions, placements don’t happen.  That’s because those same companies lose out on talented candidates for any number…


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Recruiters' Biggest Problem with Candidates Right Now is . . .

If you’re a recruiter (and you probably are, if you’re reading this), then you have no end of problems with both candidates and clients.

The only question is this: “Which problem are you experiencing at the moment?”

In our never-ending quest for answers, we decided to pose this question in the form of a poll, specifically a poll for the Preferred Member recruiters in Top Echelon Network.

These are third-party recruiters in the trenches, day in and day out.  They…


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1 in 3 Companies Reject Candidates Due to Social Media

There has been a lot of talk and debate recently about just how much weight companies put on social media when considering candidates for their open positions—specifically, how much companies are using social media to SCREEN potential hires.

Well, thanks to a…


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Study: Younger Candidates (Recent Grads) Not Prepared to Succeed

Are new graduates making the grade in today’s fast-paced business environment?

According to a recent study by the Global Strategy Group, the answer to that question is a firm…


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Finding Out What Recruiters Think About Guarantees . . . by Asking Them

Guarantees aren’t exactly something that recruiters love.  However, the vast majority of recruiters offer some sort of guarantee to their client companies on the candidates that they place with them.  What percentage of recruiters offers a guarantee to their clients?  Well, that’s one of the questions we set out to answer in a recent survey that we conducted of recruiters all across the country.

We asked recruiters a number of targeted questions about the guarantees that they offer,…


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Recruiters, Want More Job Orders? Here's 137,000 of Them

Every year, Fortune Magazine releases a list of its “100 Best Companies to Work For,” that group of companies that offers the best combination of compensation, perks, fringe benefits, and company culture.  This list, of course, is of great interest to recruiters.  After all, recruiters need to know which…


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Good News for Recruiters: More Job Orders for Newly Created Positions

Recruiters, like everybody else, enjoy good news, and that’s especially the case now, after the past two years.  According to a recent Top Echelon Network Membership poll, there’s some good news to be had, and it pertains to the types of job orders that companies are currently issuing to recruiters.

We asked Preferred Member recruiters the following question:

How many of your current job orders are job orders for…


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Calling All Recruiters: We Want Your ‘Craziest Recruiting Story of 2010’!

In the world of recruiting, anything can happen . . . just ask a recruiter.  Which is what we at Top Echelon are doing right now.

We’re currently accepting submissions for your craziest recruiting story of 2010.  It could be a story about clients.  It could be a story about candidates.  It could be a story about another recruiter.  It could…


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Companies' Attitudes About Hiring: 'Feast or Famine' for Recruiters

With 2011 looming on the horizon, we thought it would be a good idea to ask Top Echelon Network Preferred Member recruiters what their clients’ attitudes are toward hiring. After all, a new year is almost upon us . . . a fresh start, a clean slate, so to speak. So we conducted a poll of the Network Membership and posed the following question:…


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Just What Are YOU Doing to Prepare for 2011?

It’s already December 7. The new year will be here before we know it. In addition to trying to close as many deals as they can before the end of the 2010, recruiters are also trying to prepare for 2011.

So the question becomes this one:…


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Is the Job Market Back? Is It Not? Is It in Limbo? Does It Matter?

The economy’s getting better! No, it’s not. Yes, it is! No, wait . . . hold on . . . no, it’s not.

I can see why some recruiters have decided to stop watching and reading the news. There’s no point. Do the so-called “experts” have a handle on anything that’s happening? I’d have to say probably not.

Take Friday’s monthly labor report, courtesy of the U.S. government. According to the report, U.S. employers added 39,000 jobs to…


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Forget Deer—It’s 'Purple Squirrel' Hunting Season for Recruiters!

Deer hunting season has just begun . . . but deer doesn’t appear to be in season for most recruiters these days.

Lately, what most recruiters have been hunting for are “purple squirrels.”

According to, a “purple squirrel” is “a recruiter's term for the elusive candidate, with exactly the right qualifications and experience, to match the client’s role.”

However, in recent months, companies have been making the “purple…


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The Biggest Obstacle on Recruiters' Desks Right Now is . . .

Recruiters certainly have more than one obstacle on their desks at the moment . . . but which one is the biggest? We conducted a survey of the Top Echelon Network Membership in order to find…


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