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I Just Learned Why Some People Don't Trust Agency Recruiters

by Rob Kelly

We had a really bad experience with an agency recruiter the other day.

It started with a cold-call and a resume to me.

The recruiter caught my attention with his subject line (implying that he and I had some previous relationship) — it worked. I opened this email:

email from bad recruiter phishing for a client



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How YouTube Is Hurting Your Recruiting Strategy

Video has become an effective tool in recruiting. Most Talent Leaders realize that video tells a better story than a text-based job description and 30 minute phone call. Ongig’s platform confirms that theory as we see an average time of 4 minutes 25 seconds on each of our…


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The $20,000 Email

I'm a studious reader of sites like ERE.net, SourceCon, TLNT, and RecruitingBlogs. I've read the debate over the demise of agency recruiting. A debate which is filled with emotion, and where sentiments are strong.

Reading the commentary and online debate provides perspective, but to me it's not enough. That's why a recent conversation with a Director of Talent Acquisition [let's call her Jane]…


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Top 5 Frustrations In Corporate Recruiting

Recruiting is difficult. Hiring an awesome employee is a very personal experience for both the candidate and the hiring team. Candidates have aspirations, thoughts, beliefs, and feelings. Recruiters have the same, with the added pressure of big hiring goals to hit. We’ve been curious to know more about the things corporate recruiters perceive to being in their in…


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Is Facebook Stickier Than LinkedIn?

Anyone with an eye on talent acquisition has seen the debate on whether Facebook or LinkedIn is stickier in attracting

 top candidates. A popular perspective is that Facebook is where you keep your personal friends, while LinkedIn is where you keep it professional. In fact, most of the folks I talk to tell me this is their approach the two social networks.

On the surface the story seems to fit. LinkedIn is branded…


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5 Impacts Of A Strong Employer Brand

You’ve likely heard the buzz over Employer Branding. We’ve seen excellent articles detailing the steps to success, as well as tips to measure your Employer…


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What Comes First - Passion Or Skill?

Recently, I came across a book called So Good They Can’t Ignore You – Why Skills Trump Passion in the Quest for Work You Love.  In it, Cal Newport, Ph.D from Georgetown University, claims that following one’s passion might very well be terrible advice.

Instead, he feels that we need to leverage our skills, which will then lead to ultimate job satisfaction.  Starting with passion, he states, is a dangerous path.  What if we are passionate…


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How a Comments/Chat Section Makes Your "Recruiting SEO" Explode

Ongig believes that one day all job pages will have live interactivity such as a comments/chat feature.

First off, it’s a great experience for the candidate — they get their questions answered (questions that often aren’t answered in a standard job posting).

But it’s great for internal recruiters too — especially for search engine optimization (SEO). Hundreds of candidates Google you and your team and jobs and the more content/text there is on your…


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10 Awesome "Careers Page" Ideas You Might Have Missed

Most Careers pages are boring. As we pointed out last month, some remind you of a visit to the DMV. On the flip side,  some employers do an outstanding job of making their Jobs section stand out.

Here are 10 solid ideas worth considering.

1) Show Your…


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3 Mistakes That Could Make Your Jobs Page Look Like The D.M.V.

I look at a lot of jobs/careers pages.

So you can imagine my surprise when I was perusing the “Jobs” pages of the  Forbes Magazine Most Innovative Companies In The World —  and found that many of them are sub-standard.

In particular, some of these innovative companies have jobs pages that remind me of the experience I have when I visit the Department of Motor Vehicles…


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Top Quotes From The Social Recruiting Strategies Conference

Several of Social Recruiting’s top thought leaders gathered in San Francisco last week at a conference focused on the latest trends in the field.

The roster of experts ranged from corporate talent acquisition executives, to entrepreneurs bringing new technology, to specialists in the latest techniques in Social Recruiting.…


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How to Recruit Job Candidates Through “Retargeting” Ads

You may have heard of retargeting advertising technology as a hot tool for attracting customers, but one retargeting startup (ReTargeter here in SF) has a person dedicated to helping companies retarget just candidates.

This retargeting-candidate specialist is Armando Gallegos and we decided to pick his brain on using retargeting ads for hiring.…


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Zuck Wants Facebook's Top Recruiter To "Delight" Candidates

I was catching up on email while standing in line at Peet’s in Oakland yesterday morning when the headline for a job description caught my attention:

“Head of Global Recruiting for Facebook”

Wow, we here @Ongig study job ads a bunch — I wondered what…


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How Much Time Will Candidates Spend On Job Descriptions? (Our Top 10)

Some of you have asked Ongig:

“How engaged are job candidates with the next-gen job descriptions you’re building?”

One metric we look closely at is ”average time on page.”

This job description from H&L (aka Handle, Inc./Handl.it) received the highest average time spent on page:…


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Social Recruiting 2013: Think Like Marketing

As the “battle for talent” heats up in 2013, the buzz will be about the hot trends in Social Recruiting: Employer Branding, Mobile Engagement, Social Sharing, Talent Communities, and Recruitment Videos.…


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Social Recruiting Surprise: Google Search Beats Facebook, Twitter & LinkedIn (Combined) In Job Traffic

Ever wonder where all the traffic to your job postings comes from?

On the heals of last week’s piece on The 5 Things Everyone Should Know About SEO in Job Descriptions, Ongig took a look at our last 100,000 visits to the “social job descriptions” we help power for our employer users (and thus have visibility into via…


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The 5 Things Everyone Should Know About SEO In Job Descriptions

No one but Larry and Sergey know the secret sauce in Google’s algorithm, but there are 5 principles to help you “think like Google” that will help your SEO (search engine optimization) for your job descriptions.

1) The URL Should Be In Plain English

Let’s start at the top: the URL.…


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Exclusive Stats: The Impact Of Tweeting Job Descriptions

[From Ongig.com]

According to ERE.net roughly 30% of all hires come through a referral. A referral pipeline can be easier to build in the early and mid-stages of a company’s growth. People are attracted by the opportunity to get in early and have an impact.

As your company grows, the referral pipeline can be…


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These 5 Top Facebook Career Pages "Get It"

The traditional recruiting approach is to hire a third party recruiting firm or individual recruiter who writes boring job descriptions, throws “hail mary” listings on job boards and works their network.

There is nothing wrong with this, but if you want younger, tech-savvy employees, I believe you need to go to Facebook: home of 1 billion people!

Here are 5 companies that are leveraging their Social Recruiting efforts by doing a good job with their Facebook Careers pages.  All…


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Exclusive Stats: Facebook Likes & Their Impact On Job Posting Traffic

We’re still in the early days of social recruiting but we have some data to share on Facebook Likes on job descriptions.

We perused the analytics for our jobs (the ones that had dependable data) and want to share the following #s:

  • Average Facebook Likes per job description: 7.26
  • The average # of visits from Facebook per job description Like: 4.33
  • The average total visits generated from Facebook Likes (per job):…

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