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Star Trek taught me how to be a better Recruiter…

Traits you can learn from Star Trek that can help you become a better recruiter and “Live Long and Prosper”:

  1. James T. Kirk – Go with your gut.   Use your experiences and gut feelings.  
  2. Spock – Make the Logical Decision.   Most of the time the logical decision is the right decision.
  3. Dr. McCoy (Bones) – I’m a Recruiter not a miracle worker.
  4. Montgomery Scott (Scotty) – Know how the Recruiting engine works and how all of its components run…

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Recruiters: Stop Emailing and Pick up the Phone…

Why are you emailing the Client or Jobseeker every little question?   …


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Recruiters: Don’t Get Mad. Get Better…

Have you ever had a candidate that you thought was a slam dunk.   There was no way this candidate was not going to get the job.   Then the phone rings and the client says they have chosen another candidate.  Huh?  What just happened?    How did this Happen?   This is not a time to get mad – use it to get better.

Look back into the 30 steps in the placement process.    Did you skip a step?   …


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Don't be the Annoying Orange (5 tips to help)...

Are you a Job Seeker? Are you in Sales? Are you trying to get someone's attention? Don't be the Annoying Orange. If you are calling a Hiring Manager or Recruiter: Have a good reason to contact them, not "just to check in."




5 Tips to help you not become the Annoying Orange:

  1. Be Professional
  2. Don't be…

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The 4 Do’s and Don’ts of Networking

Are you networking?    Some people are, but EVERYONE should be.    While networking this past month or so, I have run across some Do’s and Don’ts that I think everyone should follow.   


  1. Keep in touch with industry leaders  (Nationally and Locally)
  2. Have coffee or lunch with industry leaders, co-workers and…

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30 Steps in the Placement Process

I received this list over 10 years ago and just refound it.   I love the fact that it says “Placement Process” and not recruiting process.    We are in this business to make placements!   I did not write this list but do like it.  

30 steps in the Placement Process

  1. Take a COMPLETE job order
  2. Make a…

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Recruiters offer HOPE…

Recruiters need to remember the one thing they offer candidates, is HOPE.  I recently participated and presented at the Scioto Ridge Job Networking Group, Tuesday Tune-up.  I was there to help Job Seekers search for work…


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8 Phrases that Describe a Successful Recruiter…

What is a good recruiter?    How would you describe one?   I decided to make a list of phrases of what I think describes a successful recruiter.


A Good Recruiter is:

  1. Having relationships with a side of good timing.
  2. A partner/advisor.  
  3. A candidate and client ally.
  4. A person you need most when you least expect…

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Networking: Enough to go Around…

People always ask me, why I network and share my ideas?  Why would I help a competitor or another recruiter gain expertise and knowledge?  Simple, there is enough to go around, try to build good karma.

As you know,…


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Recruiters: What is your First Impression, to Clients?

Do you know what your first impression is on others?   When speaking with your clients what impression do you leave?   These are important to think about.

I believe first impressions are one of the keys to recruiting success.   Everyone we talk to has a problem that they want us to help…


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The Power of Networking

Why don’t more people NetworkIt boggles my mind, especially in this type of economy – it is not who applies to the job first, BUT who you know and who knows you.    Everyone should get…


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10 Traits of a Successful Recruiter

The Recruiter Files

There are certain traits I think every Recruiter needs to have, to be successful.    Here they are, in no particular order:

  1. Be structured.   Recruiting…

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Recruiter Potluck

Do you work in an office setting with others?   You probably have had a Potluck, where your co-workers would bring different food items, for everyone to eat.   Some are good at making desserts, others a main dish and still others liked to bring the plates, cups, napkins and drinks.    Everyone was good at something and brought that to the meal.

I learned how to Recruit, by Potluck.    When I started recruiting, it was a full working desk.   I needed to get and find the jobs and then…


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the little things do matter

- what can I do to set me apart from other recruiters…easy - the little things do matter. Do you actually listen to the candidates you are talking to? Some will tell you a story, about themselves, a pet or a situation. Take notice. Remember it.

Did they tell you a story about their dog - next time you are at the store, if there is a funny card, with a dog on it - send it to them. Did they tell you a story about going to the “big game.” Next time you see an article on the web, about… Continue

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Why I got into recruiting and stayed

Like, most people, I mainly fell into recruiting. It was not on my list of jobs, when I visited my high school guidance counselor - but I have since found out, it is what I enjoy doing.

Ten Years ago, I was out of work and looking for a job - any job at the time, would have been ok. I went into a staffing company, to interview for an opportunity they had available. And 3 interviews later and 2 days later, I started. I really wasn’t sure what I was doing or how to do it, but it… Continue

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