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Why Cold Calling’s Gone Cold in Recruitment

Up there with a call enquiring after that recent accident you didn’t have, cold calling is about as useful as a chocolate teapot.

A gatekeeper worth their salt or anyone that’s even a little busy will prevent a cold call from reaching its intended target.

With a …


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Five Reasons Your Passive Candidates Are Ignoring You

With a longer shelf-life and less chance of being pipped by a competing offer, passive candidates are often the apple of a recruiter’s eye.

As a product of your sourcing - depending on the quality of your sourcing - they’re also the best fit for the role in question.

How then do recruiters avoid…


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Running a Recruitment Agency Like Google

The wrong kind of growth can unravel a business which is why when agencies start swelling their ranks they also open themselves up to risk.

The typical battery farmed culture of a startup allows everyone to understand the different work being undertaken simply by being within spitting distance of each other. But as businesses grow and…


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Why Agencies Should Cull Their Clients

After tech unicorn Powa’s fall from grace, it was revealed that its 1,200 clients hadn’t actually signed contracts.

While showing interest in the services they hadn’t actually committed to using them, which meant the £1.8bn success story quickly unraveled as its cashflow dried up.

Recruitment can sometimes carry a similar uncertainty around pushing a…


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Five Future Sectors for Recruitment Growth

The landscape of work is changing and the speed of technological advancements is accelerating. With this in mind, we mapped five markets receiving special attention from investors for agencies to keep an eye on.


Over 200 times stronger than steel and 70 times more conductive than silicon. The ‘wonder material’ whose…


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Recruiting the Generation After the Millennials

Raised during the financial fallout of 2008 and knowing only a world with the internet, will the generation to follow the Millennials change the way we recruit?

Before the detractors grab their pitchforks over yet another discussion of generational differences, let’s agree that it's not about age brackets but how the landscape of work itself…


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The Number One Reason Recruitment Start-ups Fail

Turnover is vanity, profit is sanity but cashflow is a crunching blow of reality.

Without the right injection of working capital or sufficient planning agencies are effectively signing their own death warrants.

Cash is King!

Access to reliable finance is even more of a lifeline for recruitment agencies…


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Your Candidates Are Lying!

Everybody’s party to a little embellishing or the occasional white lie, but when stretching the truth becomes outright lying for a role, then a recruiter needs to pull their candidate up before their client does.

With pressure to stand out from the crowd, some candidates feel the need to pad out their CV’s, sugar-coat the truth, and sometimes even make up…


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When a Recruiter Should Say No!

Sometimes going the extra mile to take that bit of business you had reservations about can do more damage than it’s worth.

Gut instinct is a powerful line of defence for recruiters, and one they should listen to, but sometimes recruiters are cornered into taking on a client or candidate against their better judgement.

Major clients are hard…


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Which Recruiters Are Ruining LinkedIn?

Did the day LinkedIn introduced their ‘Like’ button mark the beginning of the end for the integrity of the ‘professional business’ platform?

One too many pictures of cats and inspirational quips later and you have to question whether the ability to recruit is being undermined by a mutual love of sharing…


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Why Recruiters Are so Damn Awful!

They really are, everybody knows it, all one hundred thousand or so of them... Wading in and saving businesses time, money, and tears in securing the right talent. Furthering their candidates careers, and preventing the brakes being slammed on the nation’s economic growth.

That’s not to say that there aren’t some bad apples in the industry, but with almost 100,000 working in UK recruitment, how did everybody get tarred with the same brush?

In the same way you…


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Candidate Control - 10 Secrets You Need to Know

Despite the term, it's not some Orwellian mind game recruiters secretly play with their candidates. It’s about having a handle on the recruitment process as a whole. With the market leaning fully in favour of candidates, recruiters need to be offering the best candidate experience to bat off the…


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Why the Best Recruiters Save you Money

If businesses think hiring a skilled recruiter sometimes has too dear a price tag, wait until they experience the cost of hiring an amateur, or not hiring one at all.

With the average cost of replacing an employee suggested to crest £30,000, there’s a very good reason recruiters are worth their salt.

According to Oxford Economics it takes almost 28…


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Why Recruiters Need to Pick up the Phone!

When it comes to recruitment no news is still good news.

Leaving candidates in the dark over feedback from an interview will not only scupper your current dealing with them, but the prospect of any future business along with it.

Aside from being common courtesy to let someone know – regardless of whether it’s…


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Thirteen Recruitment Disasters to Look Forward to

The more you leave to chance the more likely you are to lose your candidates. Recruitment's not a roll of the dice and here are thirteen pitfalls that if you haven't already experienced, you have yet to look forward to. 

The wrong location

You gave the wrong address and sent your candidate to Newcastle…


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Ten Recruitment Mistakes You Really Need to Avoid!

Mistakes are costly, and no more so than in recruitment where they can permanently blot your copy book. Instead of learning the hard way through your own experience I've highlighted some of the common quagmires to watch out for. 

The devil’s in the detail

Too many recruiters lose sight of the…


Added by Calum Morrison on April 22, 2015 at 11:30am — 2 Comments


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