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Job Seekers: Stop Complaining and Do Something!

My Look Ahead For 2010: Quit Bitching About The Economy And Do Something

29th December 2009

written by Margo Rose

I just got off the phone with Steve Levy, and he said something that really stood out, “The Best Way to Predict The Future Is To Invent It.” When he said this to me, it swept the cobwebs out of my head like a vacuum and made me realize: If you don’t like the current economic temperature-quit kvetching an do something about it.

Yes 2009 sucked… Continue

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Social recruiting: Facebook and You

Recently, I attended a webinar with @JennyDeVaughn. In this session we learned how to identify and recruit talent using Facebook. At first, I bit my lip, worried that recruiters and employers might scouring my facebook page seeking information about me and my life-long friends. I mean really, do they care about what I ate for dinner, or seeing my dogs dressed in the latest couture? Well the answer is maybe. Employers and recruiters are looking for you, and will use facebook, twitter, myspace,… Continue

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@HRMargo's Holiday Miracle!

This morning, I received a telephone call from the President of the Company I worked for 2007-2008. His company went under during the Great Recession. He couldn’t afford to pay my salary for the last 6 weeks before he closed the organization.

I never fought for the salary I worked so hard to earn, because I liked him, and his family so much. They were good to me, and I appreciated his family more than he knew. I expressed my compassionate understanding, and wished him well, for they… Continue

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Have You Ever Heard A Manager Say: Shut Up and Get With The Program!

Shut up and get with the program 15th December 2009 written by Margo Rose

How many times have you heard that one? Well, that’s short hand for “welcome to your next training program,” the beatings will begin. For years, learning in the workplace was seen as punishment that had to be endured. But, then came the magic bullet that would cure all our ills: Learning Management Systems. Oh that was going to fix us alright, I used to hear supervisors whine, until they realized that this… Continue

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I won the #TruLondon 100 tweet challenge: I'm Going To #Trulondon Are You?

I have no idea how I’m going to get there: but I’m going.

I’m so excited. Last week the @radicalrecruit laid down the gauntlet and challenged the twitter community to a 100 tweet contest: the prize- free #trulondon unconference admission. After 24 hours of mad tweeting, I exceeded the 100 tweet quest and increased my follower base in so doing.

What blows my mind about this is that I was afraid that if I attempted to tweet 100 times in one day, my followers would leave me… Continue

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Is OD Dead? Yes, We Killed It-Or Did We?

I hate to be the Friedrich Nietzsche of OD; however, the question begs to be asked, is learning and development dead? It is because the economy killed it. The need for statistically valid organizational diagnostics did not go away, nor did the necessity for strong coaching and professional development programs. The recession decimated OD and Learning and Development departments. So, the next question that begs to be asked is what are companies going to do? If they are smart, they will pay… Continue

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Why I don't believe in making 2010 predictions

Ok, call me “snarky,” but I don’t believe in making predictions. Why? Because A) I’m not Kreskin B) I’m not an HR Wizard C) Most predictions don’t come true. Before you call me the “bah hum bug” of HR, think again. How many times have you read year-end predictions, or recaps and thought, “Yeah, so what?”

While I love reading year-end recaps, and predictions for the coming year, I rarely take stock in them. With that said, a few of my colleagues have stepped up to the plate and… Continue

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Don't be a sell-out Crush It

Recently I read Crush it and was so inspired.

During times of transition and change, one has the opportunity to think about their personal and professional path.

I’ve made an executive decision. If I’m not on fire about what I’m doing-I’m not doing it-period.

Life is too short to dabble in things that bring on despair. I say, bring on the joy, hop into happiness, pursue your passion, and never-ever-ever-sell out.

Tonight, I’ll be listening to HR Happy Hour… Continue

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