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New Start-ups on the horizon – Recruitment Agency?

'Everyday people get fired from their job; employees change their firms/ companies to meet and/ or benefit from new market opportunities; human resource department (HRD) in large enterprises is always looking out for trust worthy and efficient workers. These are all leads to the rise of recruitment agencies in India – though, many agencies open shop every day, only some sustain amidst market forces and a few succeed well!’

In present times, HR agency start ups are challenging,…


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HR Career – What is required?

Many people are eager to start a career or a business initiative in Human Resources, as it is a fast-growing field with many lucrative opportunities. Career analysts expect the number of HR jobs to rise in India with advance of globalization efforts and HR consultants are growing in number.

There are several ‘accomplished’ HR professionals with a wide variety of educational backgrounds – Human Resources, Engineering, Sales & Marketing, Commerce, Science, Applied Arts, Psychology…


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Hiring process in question?

Can we ask applicants to give us a copy of the performance review from former job? Yes, you can! But, at issue: Is this an effective HR practice? Does it not invade the privacy of the applicant?

Some employers say that the rationale for requesting this information during the hiring process is to determine in advance the type of employee the applicant will become. There is, however, no effective way to determine whether a performance review is a reliable or valid predictor of future…


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Intrapreneurship – Is it accepted everywhere?

The individual mind set in every business situation – varies with each individual and the reasons could be many – the ‘canvass’ exposure/ outlet in the current situation, past experience of the individual, innate talent, behavioral instincts – but, the point I am coming to is – Intrapreneurship – an act that is like of an Entrepreneur ( though he is not!) and we come across such people in small business organizations more. In fact, it is an act encouraged in small business…


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Tracking Professional and Personal past of the job applicant?

‘No one is so transparent to tell you everything when they turn up for the interview. The CVs do not necessarily talk only the truth and even if they do – it is not the complete picture of the job applicant!’

Interviewing skills play a major role in right recruitment – Check references. Ask specific questions when you do. The dates might match up and the job description is probably accurate, but what about the candidate’s performance on the job and relationship skills with co-workers?…


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Temp staffing to stay!

Young and promising career aspirants have no hang-ups about job security like their parents had and are increasingly looking at temporary roles ( most of these assignments are on contractual terms) – offering better money, career-jump and a quicker rise to top!

Temp staffing industry in India, less than fifteen years old, has nearly 6,00,000 employees on its pay rolls as on today. While I was in Kores India in 1998, I came to know that Hewlett Packard Sales India Pvt Ltd outsourced…


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HR Dept – Managing your sales team in difficult times?

Most HR managers would tell you that HR function is the most important function in an organization. It is the HR manager who is responsible for the smooth running of all office activities. The responsibilities include effective hiring & the complete recruitment process, behavioral training an employee, personal record keeping, rewarding performers, interviewing/ screening and career development. True, the job of dealing with people requires some college level degree/ education in today’s…


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Employee Attrition rates to decline – as an offshoot of Economic Uncertainty in Western markets !

Employee Attrition rate is more in sectors where job opportunities are more. We all know that ! The year 2008 was a disaster! Economic uncertainty started and loomed large then ( thanks to Ex President of United States, George ‘Dubya’ Bush – he literally ‘duba hee diya’ the world due to his lack of economic governance in the US !! ) And, one dividend out of all this mess – software/ tech sector stabilized earlier than anticipated, stability being the need of the hour. No more kite-flying !…


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Hiring the ‘Right Employees’ !

The most important thing to recognize about hiring ‘right’ employees is forgetting the notion that employees are perfect.The perfect employee is definitely a dream of anyone who manages (lucky?), but as we all know, doesn’t really exist. No one is perfect; not employees and not employers. How do you make hiring decisions that will help you to hire the best employees? How do you hire employees who are great performers and totally engaged in their work? It begins with more or less an…


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Productivity linked to Employee Ownership?

The term “Employee Ownership” refers to ownership of a company, by some or all of its employees. This can either be directly or indirectly and in part or in whole. Employee Stock Ownership Plan (ESOP) is an employee benefit program which enables the employees to become owners of the stocks of the company they work for. Companies offer shares to their employees because they believe being a ‘shareholder’ of the firm – would increase employee loyalty, performance and motivation…


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Campus recruitment – an effective method to fill up front end ‘sales’ positions!

Front end positions in Sales are generally available – if there are new business avenues being opened up in a sales driven organization! Expansion of existing business operations in a large scale also creates a need of the employer to visit the campus.

Campus recruitment or campus interview is a program conducted within educational institutes or in a common place to provide jobs to students pursuing or in the stage of completing their academic studies. In this Campus recruitment…


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How to conduct sales recruitment program successfully?

A strong sales force is a critical requirement for every business operation to succeed well. I do not think any reader of my blog will differ with me on this aspect. Experienced sales personnel with proven records of accomplishment are difficult to recruit through simple screening CVs by internet job portals; particularly, at senior levels, even one rung above front-end positions! Human behavior and thought process among sales professionals cannot be judged by a pure HR professional. If the…


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Why Small Businesses need a recruitment consultant?

Well, the common belief among Small businesses’ owners is – they do not need a recruitment consultant because they are ‘damn’ too expensive. I do not feel so and I have got 22 years of business experience to say that! In fact, Small businesses rely ( quite heavily) on their employees to succeed and I do not think anyone would disagree with this fact. Every single employee is a significant cost in terms of financial resources, business opportunity, service levels, generation or retention of…


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How to save on time, money, efforts in Recruitment?

Working with recruitment agencies to find the right candidates for job vacancies is increasingly seen as a cost-effective and productive way of working for many companies.

The old misconception of – consultants will just send any candidates’ CVs and charge expensive fees – may still be held by some companies but this is often due to a lack of understanding about the features and benefits of recent recruitment agency’s service, competition and market demands.

1. Client’s…


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Why are we interested in the SME segment?

The rapidly growing SME sector in India has created tremendous opportunities for recruitment and HR service firms today. Finding the right employee at the right cost and also ensuring growth opportunity for the employees can sometimes be challenging for the company management and this is where we come into the picture. We take over the recruitment department’s responsibility or sometimes work in tandem with them to give the company the right set of employees.

I am particularly excited…


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Judicious use of Power leads to Success and Happiness!

Power intoxicates; Absolute Power intoxicates absolutely. When you are holding a position that wields some power, it becomes necessary to gauge its impact on yourself and others too. This power could be as a result of money ( in most cases ), industry knowledge, expertise in niche segment, networking or contacts, age or work experience and wisdom etc. There are many factors leading to Power earned, gained or thrust upon you !

As a recruitment consultant, I feel I have certain power…


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How to avoid hiring the wrong person?

After spending 22 years of my career in a work atmosphere where I depended on my perception and negotiating skills to win sales situations, I have made it a practice by default, to hire the ‘Right’ while interviewing! There have been many moments when the time allotted to interview each candidate was ‘very’ less and the tendency or opportunity to make a mistake quite high! But, one should realize that interviewing has to be ‘task ahead’ related, current situation specific, meet job role…


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Embedding Values in Recruitment !

I work with a varied spectrum of clients as part of my assignment to recruit the best possible candidate for them within the parameters drawn by the clients. Yes, I do get an option to add my point or opinion and I make it a point to exercise this option after a quick analysis of the situation and client’s requirement. Whether it is for Smaller companies or Big size corporations – I do not compromise on values I embed in my recruitment process. Fortunately, as in my case, I have all my…


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Be well diligent and appoint rightfully!

Fact: Human mind and resultant desires/ interests vary as per situations/ opportunities held out to it. As a committed recruitment consultant, I have always instilled this ‘fact’ in my mind; while I recommend or recruit. Situations are beyond control of the one who is confused with himself – he does not know what to do with himself and/ or the situation he is in. He may be looking smart, well qualified, capable, knowledgeable, industrious, skilled – all of this and more – does not make sense…


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How do we make a difference as a recruitment consultant?

Recruiting is tough especially when the job market forces vary based on the economic conditions of the country. The year 2008 was the beginning of global recession that is slowly tapering off now, though not completely over as yet. Unfortunately, most of the developing countries depend on the state of economy in the developed world. Oh! Did I say that? Well, I agree India is insulated and is maintaining a robust growth rate of 8.5%. But, many FDI projects that were to get into India have…


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