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Life after

It's been a while since I have participated here on, I think it's been many months. I do still look at the things I used to look at in order to judge the overall health of the network and I am really impressed. Noel and Tim have done an incredible job in terms of the new design and flow of the network. I am really happy that they are the ones who are now responsible for ensuring lives and thrives. However, the reality is that they just for a lack of a…


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Want to know who bought

As you know was sold yesterday via auction. There were a lot of people trying to ultimately be the winning bid but in these sorts of things there can only really be one. However, in this particular case there are two, and they are both recruiters in the healthcare industry:

Noel Cocca and Tim…


Added by Slouch on June 22, 2011 at 3:30pm — 29 Comments is for Sale

This is an important and exciting post about

I am an entrepreneur and a recruiter at heart. I started out in the recruiting business back in 1993 and successfully ran a large recruiting firm that made a deal a day for many years. I miss it. I miss it a lot.

I have reached a point where it's time for me to do something new and what I really want to do is to make placements. I am constantly having discussions with other recruiters and every time I do, I…


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Would you write that post if you had nothing to sell?

What are you thoughts when it's obvious that a blog post here on was spun/created by a vendor just so they could hyperlink some key words back to their website or the product they are selling?


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Top Prospect and the H3 job referral patents

Yesterday there was an article in TechCrunch about Top Prospect. They are a candidate and job referral software engine that sits on top of Linkedin an recognizes who you know and then allows you to refer those people for cash to companies willing to pay a referral fee. If you have been in the recruiter… Continue

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Most Viewed Recruiting Blog Posts of 2010

Here is a list of the top posts on for 2010. Top blog posts mean viewed the most.


1. Stupid Girl Loses Job Because of Facebook status

2. The Best format For Your Resume

3. …


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A Counter Offer of Biblical Proportions

So imagine you are a recruiter who calls Facebook a really good client. You probably find it easy to get permission from your candidates to send their resumes in for review. You know that google is a great place to recruit from so that's where you recruit from.

I read on Techchrunch the other day that Google counter offered a staff level engineer there to the tune of $3.5… Continue

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CareerBuilder Says - Social Networking Shall Not Be Cheap

I was finally happy to see that CareerBuilder is building something for recruiters and it's going to be expensive. I read about it on ERE and essentially, Careerbuilder will build you a talent network. It seems they are the first to admit that it can be done without their help but of course if someone wants to help, why not. Help can be good.

I'm not going to describe what it is they… Continue

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Rebecca Sargeant on The Recruiting Animal Show 12pm EST today - Good Luck

My not so good friend the Recruiting Animal who I meet every Friday morning with as somehow gotten Rebecca Sargeant who I have met once at a Starbucks in downtown Toronto. She is a nice lady and very passionate about what it is she does for a living. She is a recruiter and she recruits recruiters. It's why she likes so much.… Continue

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The Change today on

So far so good, the feedback I have gotten directly and have seen on line about the new look of RecruitingBlogs has been positive. I have not gotten any negative feedback yet so if you have any, this would be a good place to let me know so we can fix any issues.

We have a lot of stuff we are working on now and it's good because the Recruiting industry is good and we just want to make a place for recruiters to be able to network better and to have a place to share ideas.

It… Continue

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RecruitFest Roundup

I'm back in Toronto after having a crazy couple of days in Boston as a result of RecruitFest! I hope many of you were able to tune in to see what we were all up to. I feel it was a success across a number of fronts and the feedback is starting to come in. So far so good. Monster was our partner in this event and they were an unbelievable team to work with. Below I am going to post some of the posts and reviews so far.… Continue

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A conversation with Bill Vick

How Bill Vick and I put our recent deal together. All on the telephone but first, a video where I interviewed him at BullHorn Live back in 99…


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25,000 members on

I remember when hit a thousand members. That was a lot. I remember being at a Kennedy show in Las Vegas and there were 30 members on and there was a lot of activity. I remember when there were 300 members on and the lawyer's letter arrived with a cease and desist from Jobster.

This week we passed the 25,000 member mark and I am proud of that. I want to thank everyone who has taken time, even the smallest amount of time to… Continue

Added by Slouch on May 21, 2010 at 2:31pm — 7 Comments merges with to Expand Offerings, run by recruiting blogger and HR technology expert Ryan

is merging with recruiting and HR directory,… Continue

Added by Slouch on May 21, 2010 at 1:47am — 1 Comment Gets Acquired

It's an exciting day for Ben Yoskovitz who is/was the CEO of Ben wrote on his blog today about the sale of

I remember walking into their office while StandoutJobs was in development so that Ben and I could talk about the product and brainstorm ideas. That was the first time I met him… Continue

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RecruitFest! Press Release

On Friday we announced that in partnership with Monster, RecruitFest! will take place in Boston next October. Here is the press release that went out this morning. It's going to be a great event and I hope you all mark early October off on your calendar. I hear Boston is a nice place that time of year.

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I am really happy that I can announce RecruitFest! today. There are a lot of details coming but essentially RecruitFest will be in the Fall 2010 in Boston. I'm very excited to also say that Monster has partnered with RecruitFest! in order to be a part of what historically has been an outstanding Recruiting event. This says a lot on a lot of different levels. It was not an easy thing to put in place but we did and we… Continue

Added by Slouch on April 16, 2010 at 12:00pm — 4 Comments sells Jobster - now I think the real game begins

I wanted to put it out there that the day may come when (the company) sells the domain name From my perspective as a guy who has done pretty well in the domain name industry, that domain name is the one to own if you had a choice. Maybe… Continue

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Today At StarBucks with the Recruiting Animal

Animal: JD, where's my money

JD: It's close


JD: you don't have to scream, we're at StarBucks.

Animal: (looks around)

JD: like I said, it's close

Animal: JD, I want my money. I've kept you in business long enough and now it's my… Continue

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Job Boards for

I wanted to tell you about a few new job sites we here at have put together with the help of Job Target…


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