Stupid Girl Loses Job Because of Facebook Status (how would you handle situation as the employer?)

Some people are stupid. You know this, right? I mean, all of us can think of a handful of dumb people in our lives. So, this post isn't a lecture. It's not a "don't do this", warning post. What we have here today is simply you, me, and countless others laughing at someone's stupid use of social media.

I've been finding myself on often these days, and sometime last week I came across this excruciatingly beautiful Facebook failure. Check out the image below... I'll dig into poor Lindsay under the picture...

Poor stupid Lindsay, you've given me so much material to play with here. I don't even know where or how to begin, in fact I'm kind of disappointed in myself (sigh). When all else fails, I turn to lists. Here is the "Dumb Things That Lindsay Did" list.
  • Dumb #1 - "OMG I HATE MY JOB!!" You never know who's watching, so say only good things about your job on social media.
  • Dumb #2 - Attacking anyone through social media is dumb.
  • Dumb #3 - Attacking your boss through social media is dumber.
  • Dumb #4 - Forgetting your boss is a friend on Facebook and then doing Dumb #1 and Dumb #3 is the dumbest.
I'm not all up to date on the latest Facebook privacy bullshit I keep hearing about, but it seems intense. If anyone wants to fill me in, that would be super. In the mean time, I think we all know to stay clear from just about everything Lindsay has done.

What are your thoughts on Lindsay? Have you seen anyone else perform a similar act? Seriously, what's going on with privacy on Facebook?

Pretend you're the employer. How do you handle this situation? Do you override the decision to fire Lindsay? What about the manager? What do you do?

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Comment by Lea McKay on July 29, 2010 at 12:52pm
Personally, I quite admire how the employer handled this. Glad he stuck it to her. How humiliating?!?!?! And for ALL of her friends to see!
I love it!
Also, love the list. Especially #4. Thanks for the laugh.
Comment by Bill Ward on July 29, 2010 at 2:06pm
It's pretty apparent that the manager is rather immature and naive as well. Why even respond? You have potentially set your employer up for a reverse discrimination lawsuit. The manager should have printed the FB comment and submitted to HR. HR and the manager should have discussed what the appropriate options were to ensure that in light of pending termination, they would be covered. Once all the ducks were in a row, bring the employee into a conference room with HR and confront the issue along with other DOCUMENTED performance warnings.

The manager should be written up as well for his indiscretion as well.

Nice post Rich. My advice to anyone contemplating getting into an online flame war with anyone is to sit back and just think of the song "Online" by Brad Paisley. Here's the lyrics y'all:

I work down at the pizza pit
And I drive an old Hyundai
I still live with my mom and dad
I'm 5'3 and overweight

I'm a Sci-Fi fanatic
Mild asthmatic
Never been to 2nd base
But there's a whole nother me
That you need to see
Go check out MySpace

'cause online I'm out in Hollywood
I'm 6'5 and I look damn good
I drive a Maserati
I'm a black belt in Karate
And I love a good glass of wine

It turns girls on that I'm mysterious
I tell 'em I don't want nothing serious
'cause even on a slow day I can have a three way
Chat with two women at one time

I'm so much cooler online
So much cooler online

I get home, I kiss my mom
And she fixes me a snack
I head down to my basement bedroom
And fire up my Mac

In real life the only time I
Ever even been to L.A.
Was when I got the chance with the marching band
To play tuba in the Rose Parade.

Online I live in Malibu
I posed for Calvin Kline, I've been in GQ
I'm single and I'm rich
And I got a set of six pack abs that'll blow your mind

It turns girls on that I'm mysterious
I tell 'em I don't want nothing serious
'cause even on a slow day I can have a three way
Chat with two women at one time

I'm so much cooler online
Yeah I'm cooler online

When you got my kinda stats, it's hard to get a date
Let alone a real girlfriend
But I grow another foot
And I lose a bunch of weight everytime I log in

Online I'm out in Hollywood
I'm 6'5 and I look damn good
Even on a slow day, I can have a three way
Chat with two women at one time

I'm so much cooler online
Yeah I'm cooler online
I'm so much cooler online
Yeah I'm cooler online
Comment by C. B. Stalling!! on August 26, 2010 at 1:12pm
Never post any thing you do not want on the cover of the NY Times....
Comment by Mike Gentry on September 20, 2010 at 8:10pm
There is an old saying that applies both to work and marriage. If it feels good, you probably shouldn't say it.....
Comment by scott mandel on September 22, 2010 at 11:36am
Truly believe that one should think first before exposing themselves. The manager and the employee both at fault when it comes down to labor law practices. Social media, I believe is best used for the purpose of social networking and business. Who you know is more important than what you know. If you are a sociable person that is great but negativity towards anyone can be left unsaid. "If you have nothing nice to say, then do not say anything"
Comment by Nick Tubach on January 7, 2011 at 7:02pm

Some very good points.  I agree with most.  Rayanne, you are oh so right.  We should never forget that once you hit "send", etc, it's there FOREVER! 

Bill, you are spot on!  While I emotionally love the way he called her out, the one thing I have learned since moving to this country is that we are given every opportunity... unfortunately some intepret this as taking form others what they can't earn for themselves.  i.e. We are a very litigious society.  Now watch Lindsay turn around and sue her employer saying that... who knows what a good sleazebag contingency ambulance-chasing attorney can come up with.  We have to realize, just because you are right, doesn't mean you will win in court or financially.




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