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I am a real person; I have something to say, and I dislike being told I can't say it for money.

I got this in my email:

Tell Us What's On Your Mind. Win $500.…


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Don't like that Facebook post about your company ? Be Very Careful Responding !

I thought this news story was interesting enough to post about.

Maureen had one up the other day directly on this topic- this news will bear on that discussion.

The news is that the NLRB has waded into the debate about what employees may post on Facebook without fearing retaliation or…


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Social Security Numbers in your DB: Must-Know Info

Almost all states have security breach laws that require notification (at least) of individuals when a data holder suffers unauthorized disclosure of certain personally identifiable information.

The important facts to know are the definitions of personally identifiable information and what it takes to achieve “safe harbor” in the event of disclosure.  

The usual definition of personally identifiable…


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Pre-hire assesment is mostly wack-a-doo: I knew it all along- finally some science !


For years I've been pointing out the obvious; if you assess individuals by themselves, and you assess them before they join your organization, you are not assessing the actual people who will be working for you. 


The reasons are simple enough; most high-value work is done in groups, and once a person joins your organization, they're altered by the experience, and they alter the people already working there.  I have reiterated these thoughts dozens of times, and it's…


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The Recruiting Profession is SO DEAD and LinkedIn has killed it, and they are unstoppable.

This was a comment on this thread, which I decided to just reformat as a blog post, adding a few lines here and there to extend/clarify.

The evergreen "Recruiters are finished" will never, ever, ever come true. Firms have a qualification view of people, while Recruiters have a market view of people. The two mindsets will never go away, and the market view is the more powerful and accurate…


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LinkedIn Bullhorn Group B.S. - Ethics Question "Global Staffing Leaders"

I'm not a huge LinkedIn user. I have my own reasons; one being that I see them as a potential major competitor (all of us in the ATS/Recruiting business should be wary of them) but another being that I just don't have that much bandwidth between Facebook (which I really must use for family and friends) and email (which is how I do most of my work). In regards to our sales reps, we say to use whatever tools they think will move them forward-…


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Absurd numbers of children are experiencing terror at this very moment.....

The balance in our own lives between taking care of ourselves and our families v. helping less fortunate strangers is really personal, dynamic, and sometimes quite random.

If you are a devotee of Ayn Rand and all that, I imagine your charitable giving is minimal, at best.

If like most folks you tend to give when a moment strikes, I am talking to you.

We all understand that we can give 100% of our incomes and energy and human suffering would only reduce by a… Continue

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Is your ATS truly mashed-up with your Microsoft Outlook ?

I saw a post on Steve Boese's HR Technology blog that caught my eye, mainly because I love to read stuff that confirms my own pet ideas, and especially the ones I bet my own dear dear money on.

What we are betting on is that corporate (and some third-party) recruiters would love to use MS Outlook as their primary ATS interface. Not a mere integration, but… Continue

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My Blue Weim passed away today....RIP Milly

Millicent Snyder 1993-2009

Millicent Snyder was a blue Weimaraner dog. As a blue, she was subject to discrimination from Weimaraner enthusiasts. That ongoing discrimination just may be borne of envy for the subbreed, because if Millicent was an example of the other blues, the blues are a superior kind of animal.

Milly was brilliant, willful,… Continue

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Tilting at a favorite windmill, again.....Assessment

Anyone who has read my posts and comments over the years or who works closely with me knows that I have a few pet ideas outside of my direct domains of recruiting software and yacht racing.

One of those pet ideas revolves around assessment, both pre-hire and post-hire.

The idea is stone simple, but it meets lots of resistance: in many cases, it’s a waste of time to assess individual performance with the usual success metrics.

Not all the time of course-… Continue

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Super Bowl Ads 2009- FAIL ? It was a violent time of it.....

Well that was fun, but not really.

Football is a violent sport- that's one of the reasons why we enjoy it- because the violence is in support of the goal; part of the price of victory. Two weeks ago, the Steelers-Ravens collision was one of the most violent football games I ever watched- scary at times in its intensity.

So when you watch the Super Bowl, the ads have always… Continue

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Tuesday Morning Quarterback on the Unwanted, Under Appreciated, and Poorly Assessed

Some folks enjoy Gregg Easterbrook's writing and some don't. His lens is often the contrary view, which can be tiresome (like anything) if thats his only approach. OTH its a pretty good way of looking at things (per Socrates).

I am reminded by TMQ of my never ending battle with Wendell Williams (and other Assessment mavens) that circles around the idea that individual… Continue

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John Thain's Office: The Ground is Shifting Under Our Feet......

We are living in tight times. Wasteful expenses on personal pride and prestige can now come back to hurt you in a big way.

Thain's office remodel, regardless of its genesis and no matter how much or little he personally cared about it matter little now; it might have just bought him a ticket to a small room for a few years......

Conspicious consumption was already looking a little shaky, but it may become downright toxic in the next few years. I remember when I was first… Continue

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What makes me a smart recruiter ?

Well the jury is out on that, and I dont work as a pro recruiter, but I do recruit heavily for my own firm and it's one of my most important roles.

1) I look for character not skills. One does not change, while skillz come and go- often surprsingly fast.

2) I dont get hung up on credentials per se- they can be important/critical in some contexts, meaningless in others.

3) I do see recruiting as probably the most important element of leadership

4) I… Continue

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Monster's new search tool: next big thing or another bust ?

I left a long comment on an ERE thread realated to Monster's new search offering.

My organization has been intimately involved with resume search since the first hour of business. It's a complex subject involving multiple audiences and multiple uses for search results. There are multiple material unanswered questions involved:

- is there anything specific to resume search… Continue

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