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Bid for your next job?

Has anyone reviewed the new web-based service of Elance or Freelancer? It seems that companies that need services can put their job on there for "freelancers" to bid on.

I already noted someone posted a name generation job. All the interested parties bid on it to get the job. This includes off-shore companies that have rates that we would have a tough time competing with.

Will companies soon post regular jobs for recruiters on there too?

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Interviews Slow as Molasses

I have noticed that it is taking forever for clients to make a decision on a candidate. The candidate might be the right fit, but they have to think about it. The economy is so slow companies know they can wait, and the candidate will most likely still be out there.

I was speaking with one of those candidates, and he forwarded me a clip from a letter he rec’d from a company after his interview. You won’t believe it!

"Dear Mr. Engineer,

With some luck, the interviewing… Continue

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Girls(and Boys) Just Want To Have Fun

I have been giving a lot of thought to dropping Facebook for personal use. Don’t get me wrong, it is really fun. Everyone knows girls (and boys) just want to have fun! I had originally joined with the idea of using it just for business, as I do with Twitter, LinkedIn, and many others, but slowly found that all my friends were on Facebook. We started conversing about our personal lives. I had a few business consultants say it was good to let your customers see the more “playful” side of… Continue

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I scream, you scream, we all scream for ice cream

Ok, I will behave myself this month and try not to cause a ruckus. I did learn a new word last blog thanks to Gerry Crispin..putanesca. I think it is some kind of sauce, but also has something to do with women of ill repute. Hmmmm?

So here I go with this month’s blog. Not only am I a recruiter but I am a mom, and I was remembering long ago, when my daughter was little. She had the ears of a well trained hunting dog when it came to the sounds of the neighborhood ice cream truck. She… Continue

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Recruiting Whore

I was talking with a recruiter friend of mine that I often do splits with. We were of course talking about the tough times we are going through right now. We then got into "It is so bad, I have resorted to...." and we were on the phone laughing until tears were rolling down my face. Misery does love company.

I was telling the story of how I had taken this very poor paying recruiting job in a foreign country, just to keep busy, and to see if I could recruit in a foreign country from… Continue

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You know you worked in Corporate America in the 2000's if...

A little humor to lighten your day and easy for most of us, and our candidates to relate to.

You know you worked in Corporate America in the 2000's if....

You sat at the same desk for 4 years and worked for three different companies.

You worked for the same company for 4 years and sat at more than 10 different desks.

You've been in the same job for 4 years and have had 10 different managers.

You order your business cards in "half… Continue

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Back in the Home Office

I was working the last 6 months onsite for one of my clients. The company was 2 hours from home so I lived in the Silicon Valley near my client's site and came home for the week-ends. While I loved the work, I can say the working away from home can be less than convenient. I had a great home-away-from home at the Homewood Suites in Santa Clara. Ask for Doyle if you are ever there.

I finished my contract and I am now working back at the home office, trying to get back into the… Continue

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Barack and Hillary on LinkedIn

Maybe everyone in the world knows this already, but it was just passed on to me this week-end. Barack and Hillary, yes, the democratic candidates for president, are on LinkedIn. I also noted that if you are a member of TopLinked, one of the groups within LinkedIn, you can send an invite to Barack to be networked with him. I don't know if anyone replies to the invites, I am sure it is not Barack sitting at his computer replying to the invites, but would be nice to be Linked with… Continue

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Recruiter’s Need Love Too.

I know some of you recruiters out there have worked in the different venues of recruiting, ie. corporate versus contingency or agency. Have you ever noticed the less than friendly attitude you normally get as a third party vendor when you are working the contingency side and call into the corporate recruiter or HR?

I have worked the corporate side also where, yes, you get a few calls from recruiters trying to drum up work. I always try to treat them with respect, and it doesn’t take… Continue

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