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The basics on managing the flood of resumes

According to the January HWOL report from the Conference Board , just over 2.5 million NEW jobs were advertised online in January, an increase of 16.1% from December, and a jump of 12.1% over the number of new jobs advertised in January of 2010.


If you’re among those who have been posting new job ads, you’ve probably already received more resumes this year than you care to think about…and…


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HR Tech Overload!

Can someone please tell me why an organization would invest real money in any new, cutting edge, or industry-leading HR technology?  How are value propositions assessed?  Are purchasers identifying problems that need to be solved first, or are they being exposed to technologies and then building an argument for why the technology has value?

I think very few new technologies offer actual, realized value to the early adopters.  One area of recent growth and expansion of technology…


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War on Work- which side are you on?

I watched this TED Talk recently, and though it's more than two years old now, the message from Mike Rowe, producer and host of Discovery Channel's Dirty Jobs, resonates strongly enough to still be talking about it today. Rowe outlines what he calls America's War on Work, supporting this theory with numerous examples of how we, as a culture, have marginalized manual labor and those who do it, thereby creating a culture that turns down it's nose as those who are out there doing the ugly jobs… Continue

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Has HR Traded Do'ers for Managers?

What ever happened to core business competencies?! Bret Starr of StarrTincup will be releasing a survey of HR professionals focused on their view of the HR-vendor relationship and value proposition. I was shocked to learn that only 6% of all HR professionals surveyed stated that it was better to develop solutions internally than go to a vendor for help. All I could think to myself was that our businesses have become full of managers at the expense of do’ers.

I worry that entry level… Continue

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4 thoughts on hiring during the holidays

As we move into November and the holiday season is close at hand, it seemed like a good time to share some First Friday thoughts specific to the realm of talent acquisition. For the decade or so that I've been working with HR and recruiting leaders, it has been my experience that this time of year normally presents a slowdown our stoppage in recruiting activities, as many are holding off on their budgets until 2011 or simply don't want to overburden an already busy holiday schedule with… Continue

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Bring an HR Business Partner!

For the past 7 years, I worked as an HR business partner, both internally and externally, though have never worked directly in an HR department. Within my previous organization, JobsInNH, I worked closely with HR to develop and deliver training programs, employee surveys, and employee incentive programs in addition to recruiting, interviewing, and hiring. During that time, I worked externally with organizations to help them… Continue

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Sourcing Candidates from Social Media- What's Missing?

So you’ve got the attention of top quality talent, but they’re not ready to apply to your current openings… now what?

Originally published on My Blog on March 26, 2010.…


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Yes, NOW is the BEST time to Recruit!

I was told once that the way to determine whether the glass if half full or half empty is to know whether your filling the glass or emptying it. If it started out empty, it’s easy to see the glass as half full; if it started out full, you’re likely to feel that it has become half-empty. Following that logic, I suggest that the glass of our economy is now half full.

“What I can tell you is that we are seeing signs of improvement. Layoffs, although we are still having them, seem to be… Continue

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Adidas' Employment Branding Philosophy- should I care?

After an absolutely exhilarating day participating in the Annual Member Congress of the International Association of Employment Websites, I was prepared to sense some level of deflation as I entered day two of my trip, and day one of the ere.net expo. After all, I work for a group of employment websites , and this was a conference primarily geared toward full time corporate and 3rd party recruiters. These were the people paid to find the talent that’s theoretically not looking for work on… Continue

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Open Letter of Support to Business Leaders

Twenty thousand business leaders and managers in ME, NH, VT, and RI will arrive to work on Tuesday to find a letter of support from the leading recruiting resource in those states: JobsInME, JobsInNH, JobsInVT, and JobsInRI.

I am proud of the initiative that we have taken to support employers and employees who will be among the workforce reductions in 2009. I am proud that JobsInTheUS is willing to support such an endeavor, and our willingness to accept short term costs to provide a… Continue

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Here is a lay person's take on the E-Verify issues currently at hand. As reported on January 9, the US Department of Justice has delayed the effective date for regulations requiring federal contracto…

Here is a lay person's take on the E-Verify issues currently at hand. As reported on January 9, the US Department of Justice has delayed the effective date for regulations requiring federal contractors and subcontractors to use E-Verify. The delay effectively pushes back the effective date from Jan 15 to Feb 2o. If it's just a 6 week delay, what's all the noise about?

In truth, the business groups that mounted legal resistance to the new regulation are seeking more than just a simple… Continue

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Is your Recruting Plan Recession-Proof?

This is a reprint of an article from the last issue of Recruiting Review, published by JobsInMA, JobsInME, JobsInNH, JobsInRI, JobsInVT:

Is Your Recruiting Plan


By Margaret Hansen, JobsInMA.com


Bonuses are off the table. Salaries are flat. Staff resources are thin. People are lucky to have a job. You've heard all of this before, but how do… Continue

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Not ENOUGH Candidates? Who SAID THAT?!

Steve Porter, who is an Outreach Consultant with JobsInRI, has been working closely with the Workforce Development Specialist, Amy Driscoll, at the RI Hospitality Association (RIHA) to help connect employers and job seekers in that industry. Amy's role is part of the RI Hospitality Education Foundation. Together, they've developed and delivered presentations at netWORKri offices across the state to job seekers focused on Transferring Skills to new… Continue

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2007 Housing Market... 2009 Job Board Market...hmmmmmm

In 2003, a friend of mine had opened his own real estate office. He had worked for a national realtor for only two years, and was upset about the commission structure. Within 1 year, he had 26 agents working for him- more than any other office in the greater Portland area. The housing market was booming, as was the commercial market. In 2005, he invited me to get on board- get my license and start making real money. This time for the real estate market is very comparable to the job board market… Continue

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RFL: Employment Branding: In-House or Outsource?

My original thought process when developing this seminar and webinar was to provide HR directors and business leaders with a blueprint to help them increase their hiring success, thereby elevating their employee retention and productivity, and reducing turnover costs. I am from a marketing background, and understand that much of the information and expertise provided by an employment advertising ageny or recruitment advertising agency, can be learned and developed internally by the in-house… Continue

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Finding high-end talend for low-end employers?

To the recruiter from India's point, how do you expect to get good talent if you don't keep up with industry standards? Well, there actually is a way to do this. In fact, it's as easy as understanding your own employee's engagement to your company, understanding EXACTLY what kind of employee is best for your company, and communicating in the right spaces with the right message to reach the right people and motivate them to apply. If you don't pay as well as other companies, but you have a very… Continue

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Top 5 Ways to Fail at Hiring

Top 5 Ways to Fail at Hiring

Posted by Jason at 9:14 PM Links to this post

If you're in the majority of businesses out there, you handle most or all of your recruiting in-house- no recruiters or staffing agencies in your hip pocket... or wallet. That is, you write your own job postings or advertisements, you research and make your own media buys, and you handle the pre-screening and interview process. If your company attends career fairs, you and your team conceive the design for your… Continue

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While organizing 4 job fairs in different states this month, I've been keenly aware of our need to differentiate our events from the rest. When it comes right down to it, all that really matters is that local job seekers find good opportunities, and the local employers who exhibit connect with high quality local candidates. Sounds simple, hunh?

Actually, it really is. When we hosted events earlier this year and last fall, we were able to get a much higher quality of job seeker than… Continue

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Flexing our Recruiting Muscle for Natural Disaster Relief Efforts.

I hope this blog finds all you readers happy, healthy, and prosperous I've recently posted a blog that I wanted to share in this forum, and hope that you'll take a few moments to look at it. I recently read the article in Time Magazine... i think.... that spotlighted Bill Gates and his renewed push for "Creative Capitalism" to help raise up those in need. If you haven't read it, it's a very well written and… Continue

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