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New Product Launch: TheSocialCV.com

Title: The Launch of thesocialCV.com

After 3 years in Development - Product Targeting 300,000 Seat Licenses

London, UK – 21 April 2011: After 3 years in development and 6 months in private beta, thesocialCV.com is live.  The…

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How to Organize the World's Largest Talent Pool?

We have no idea.

We've been going through tens of thousands of search results and testing several relevancy algorithms and we're not getting any closer.  As thesocialCV.com is building more than 600 million profiles, it's kind of important. So we're going to let the customer decide.


Let us know, what do you prefer?

  • Faceted Search
  • Advanced…

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Guardian Jobs Teams up with TwitJobSearch to Build Out Integrated Social Media Campaign

London, UK – 17 January 2011: TwitJobSearch (http://www.twitjobsearch.com), the first real-time job search engine, is excited to announce their partnership with leading UK jobs board Guardian Jobs (http://jobs.guardian.co.uk/). The new partnership is a simple, cost-efficient solution to increase Guardian Jobs' reach and engagement with jobseekers via social media…


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Introducing a ReTweet Button for Jobs

Introducing the Tweet This Job Button.…


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Introducing JobDeck - New Product from TwitJobSearch and TweetDeck

Headline: TweetDeck and TwitJobSearch team up to produce new job search product - JobDeck

Full-Featured social media career management product shows the future of recruiting

London, UK – 25 January 2010: With nearly half of all companies turning to social media for recruitment in 2010, TweetDeck and TwitJobSearch have teamed up to provide the ultimate dedicated job seeker platform. JobDeck (… Continue

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Beyond the Tweet

TwitterJobSearch Launches New Feature to Kill Job Spam

First Real-Time Job Search Engine to go "Beyond the Tweet"

London, UK – 16 July 2009, At the Social Media in Recruitment Conference: TwitterJobSearch (www.TwitterJobSearch.com), the first real time job search engine, launched its "Beyond the Tweet" functionality to eliminate spam from the job seekers experience. "Beyond the Tweet" will present relevant data to job seekers gathered from the pages linked to in Tweets. Using… Continue

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TwitterJobSearch.com Launched!

Google exec Brian Bershad on Twitter: Google has no interest in its own version of "real time search."

"There's relatively little data in Twitter," Bershad said. "I think if you could take a Twitter-like service and combine it with a lot of other data sources about the users, you might be able to come up with something more interesting."

That's what TwitterJobSearch.com does. Goes beyond the tweet.


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Global Twitter Job Feed Directory

Global Twitter Job Feed Directory

At Workhound, our mission is to organize the world’s online recruitment data. We are tracking the pronounced shift towards social media. New platforms are emerging (e.g. facebook and twitter) and we’re building semantic tools to make sense of the data found on them. We have several new products that we will be introducing over the next 2 months to address this… Continue

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Twitter and the Long Tail of Recruitment

Twitter and The Long Tail of Recruitment

Giles Guest of Enhance Media nicely teed up a Long Tail framework for thinking about recruitment. Here are some of my quick thoughts on how they might apply specifically to the recruitment advertising market. The Long Tail can be a problematic framework for setting corporate strategy but it provides a useful heuristic for… Continue

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Thoughts on Enhance Media's - Online Recruitment Conference London

Some quick thoughts on the really quite good - Enhance Media's Online Recruitment - 2009 - The Year Ahead Conference.

Great turnout. With bad news aplenty in the industry, it's nice to be reminded that online recruitment advertising remains a massive opportunity (we still think at least £200+mm in the UK) with many smart people involved. Companies are still recruiting, but to a lesser degree, and there is greater pressure on them to be… Continue

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UK Employment Trend Data

Workhound provides a snapshop of the UK job market by looking at advertised jobs. Video release and written release found below.

Video Release: https://www.youtube.com/user/WorkhoundNews

Workhound.co.uk Announces that 141,242 New Jobs Created in the UK Last Week

Demand Rising in Certain Key Sectors

London, United Kingdom (1 December 2008) - Workhound.co.uk, the UK's largest… Continue

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Google Flu Trends and Job Search Engines?

Survey Data vs. Behavioral Data

Google Flu Trends offers a fascinating look at how search engines can replace traditional models for data acquisition to great effect. When google took search requests of flu symptoms by region and mapped them to CDC data, they indicated that at much greater speed and lower cost they could collect epidemiological info the closely… Continue

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Building a McJobs Site

Building a McJobs Site

A McJobs Site

November 10th, 2008 ·

Low cost providers do well in market downturns. McDonalds and Wal-Mart both posted topline growth in October. This demonstrates that the right market positioning (”Dollar Menus” and “Every day low prices”) can permit a company to make share of wallet gains in very competitive markets. In this environment, Value is the key USP. For recruitment… Continue

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Recruitment Advertising - Post Crunch

Online Recruitment - Post Crunch

thoughts from http://workhound.co.uk

There seems to be a broad macroeconomic consensus, that the deleveraging of carry trades, the tightening in credit markets, and the revaluing of broad basket of assets, will depress economic growth for the next several quarters. This speculation seems to be on solid footing and individuals/orgs like Fred Wilson, Jason Calacanis, and Sequoia have offered thoughts on the shifting economic landscape and how… Continue

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Harvard Business Review on The Long Tail

Harvard Business Review on the Long Tail

Anita Elberse of Harvard Business School has completed a new look at consumer data to write a piece entitled Should You Invest in the Long Tail? Her article seems to be written as a corrective to some of the hoopla around Chris Anderson’s book, The Long Tail. Her article is worth reading but mainly for the quality of her research. The analysis,… Continue

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Yahoo Microsoft - Dealing with Uncertainty

Yahoo vs Microsoft - Dealing with Uncertainty

When Microsoft was being hounded by the DOJ on antitrust issues, Bill Gates continued to put forward, with some audacity, his company’s mission “to get a workstation running our software onto every desk and eventually in every home.” This signaled to software buyers that MSFT was intent on maintaining their OS as the standard and, to employees, it made clear what their… Continue

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Yahoo! Google - Tactics vs. Strategy

Yahoo! Google - Tactics vs. Strategy

It’s certainly possible the YHOO made the right decision with regards to their newly announced Google deal. They’re smart folks who obviously have deep domain knowledge of their business. Of concern, though, is that this is a tactical but not strategic move. If they were punting on search because they couldn’t match GOOGs ability to capture/structure data that could be a fair concession — they’ve… Continue

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Google Yahoo Announcement - A Strategic Stumble?

Yahoo! Google - Game Theory and Ontology

Not quite sure how I feel about the big Yahoo! announcement. To my mind, the deal raises uncomfortable ontological issues about just who Yahoo! is. If they’re just another publisher, then I guess it might make sense to outsource ad serving to maximize CPMs but as a tech platform, it seems to be a big concession of… Continue

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Workhound Named Top 10 Career Site

Workhound Named Top 10 Career Site by the Guardian

w00t! We noticed a spike in traffic to our SalaryTrack tool yesterday. When looking at the source of traffic, we noticed a decent chunk from the Guardian. This indicated a couple of things. One that Guardian readers David Letterman's Book of Top Ten Lists: and Zesty Lo-Cal Chicken… Continue

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