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I am a new grad who has been trying to break into the recruiting world for a while. What advice would you give to a person who is new to the recruiting field? I have been doing quite a lot of research, but I would like tips from different people who have been in the industry for a while. Thank you in advance!

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Comment by Sandra McCartt on May 8, 2012 at 6:19pm

Go back, it's a trick.

Comment by Amy Ala Miller on May 8, 2012 at 7:18pm
Nobody breaks in, we get dragged in kicking and screaming :)
Comment by Cristina Lewis on May 8, 2012 at 11:47pm

lol sounds like fun!

Comment by Peter Ceccarelli on May 9, 2012 at 1:02pm

Very funny Sandra!


Cristina...........what are your motivators for getting into recruiting?  Do you want to be an internal recruiter, working for a company on the inside, or are you interested in 3rd party recruiting, working for an agency that supplies potential candidates to a company.  The first is non-sales, the second is sales.  But if you're successful in the second category, you'll then be able to afford fur coats, lots of horses and a lavish lifestyle like Sandra McCartt has.  She's the grande dame of 3rd party recruiting!

Comment by Russ Recruits on May 9, 2012 at 1:25pm

If working within an agency, expect to get fired a few times before you get on the right track.

Expect to be fired if even succesful - theres going to be bigger fish above you for a few years always eating your work, and they wont think twice of getting rid of the newbie if it means keeping a senior happy.

That would have been great to know at the start, I would be a few wrinkles lighter now if i'd known before.



Comment by Sandra McCartt on May 9, 2012 at 3:47pm

Peter is only telling half my secrets.  You can make a ton of money in 3rd party recruiting.  The problem is, in order to do it you get to come in early, stay late, work weekends and holidays.  So you may be able to afford fur coats, lots of horses, fast cars and older wine.  The only problem is you don't have time to ride the horses, the place you have to go to keep your business going, fur coats are not appropriate.  Your lavish life style amounts to living on something out of a white sack that you slam dunk at your computer at midnight before you fall over in heap to grap four hours sleep after you slam down a bottle of over priced wine out of a paper cup so you can go to sleep and not worry about what your candidate is going to say in the interview tomorrow or is the background check going to come back ok on the big one that was just accepted.

However, and , but (as Peter Ceccarelli would say) one can afford to buy great art from talented artists who just happen to be HR managers(that would also be Peter) so you have something wonderful to look at while you tap away on the puter or have a phone growing out of your ear.


Seriously, i do not recommend 3rd party recruiting to new grads at this point in time.  If you think you want to be a recruiter start with an internal spot.  Get some business experience, make connections then if you want to jump out there and run the sharks you have some plain old business experience under your belt.  I have talked with three or four young recruiters in the past two weeks who have done well but are getting their ears pinned back or fired or have been faced with working for an unethical firm owner who scerwed them on commissions, asked them to recruit for jobs that didn't exist or just woke up one day and felt like they needed to take a shower after being in the office for an hour based on what was going on. 


Comment by Rebecca B. Sargeant on May 9, 2012 at 3:52pm
  1. Look up Lou Alder and read his all his stuff
  2. Stick it out for the next three years!  I PROMISE life will get easier after that.
  3. Get a Mentor to keep you on track and a GREAT Financial Planner to keep you going through the lean times.
  4. Understand your commission plan and BREAK IT so you can make money.
  5. Call me when you get stuck!


Have fun! The next exit in a year and a half!

Comment by Casey Kuperus on May 9, 2012 at 5:01pm

Make sure you have a great sense of humor and can also laugh at'll need it to survive


Comment by Amy Ala Miller on May 9, 2012 at 5:13pm

if you really want to be a 3rd party recruiter (we're still not sure of your motivators) start as a receptionist for a recruiting firm. I worked the front desk for OfficeTeam way back when and I saw the best and worst of a very busy clerical staffing office. Recruiters (Staffing Managers, they were called) went home crying every day. If you still want to do it after that.... go for it.

Comment by Cristina Lewis on May 9, 2012 at 8:03pm

Hi everyone! Thank you so much for the input. I actually interviewed last week for a Jr. Recruiter position at an agency and was called in to job shadow with the recruiting manager today (I think it went well-fingers crossed!) I am leaning more towards 3rd party recruiting at this time to get my feet wet and learn both sides of the game (sales and recruiting). I have heard the horror stories and as they do make me cringe at times, I still want to give it a shot! Nothing worth it comes easy and I look forward to getting past those first 3 years. 

I initially tried to get in as an internal recruiter at the organization I work for now but I lack the sales and recruiting experience they seek for the position. The organization I work for was clear on my career goals and knew that once I finished school, I would be applying for internal recruiting positions. I even put in volunteer work for them by organizing career fairs to help the HR dept. and to gain the valuable experience. Once I completed my degree and I began to apply, they told me that they were no longer in a position to hire someone with no experience. A little frustrating, but at that point I started to look elsewhere to pursue my goal. It's tough because of that "no experience" thing that gets in the way. I feel fortunate that I found an agency to give me a chance. I am nervous, yet I am excited! I should know within a couple of days.

Great connecting with you all!


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