10 Reasons Why Now is Still A Great Time To Be A Recruiter

There may be times where one looks at the big picture and wonders, what is coming?  In our day and age in Staffing/Recruitment we are the pilot of our own destiny. A Pilot must train hard, and keep their skills sharp, in order to successfully fly.  As I went to the March Field Aviation Museum recently nothing was more readily apparent.  But now is still a GREAT time to be a recruiter because no profession challenges and builds you like recruiting does.

Some Trends to Watch:

1. How will Social Media affect change in recruitment now that LinkedIn has been acquired?

2. How will Job Boards affect our Recruiting efforts in the future now that Monster has been acquired?

3. How will Indeed.com continue to change the Recruiting Landscape?

4. Will Artificial Intelligence forever alter sourcing/recruitment? 

5. What new approaches will need to be taken in the future as recruiting changes?

6. What approach will be needed to engage the millennial generation as they continue to rise in industry?

7. How will society embrace a Labor Shortage when multiple Baby Boomers suddenly retire?

8.  How will different generations come together in the workplace, and what type of leadership may be needed?

9.  What Macro and Micro Level environmental factors will be important in the coming years?

10. How will HR be transformed and in what manner will this take place?

Even in spite of all of this and the dialogue that is continuing about these very matters, is recruiting still a great place to be and can you make a solid career of it for the long haul?  Is there ambiguity? The answer is a resounding yes to both questions.  These environmental factors give us pause for a huge challenge, yet they are also the very reasons a career in Recruiting/Staffing is still powerful beyond measure.

10 Reasons Why Now is Still a Great Time to be a Recruiter:

1. Although changes persist - the human element will never fully go away.  If you fear for the future consider that robots, artificial intelligence, and other matters are not the end all be all of staffing.  A personal touch will always be needed.  I see tools perhaps embracing strengths of AI, but nothing more.  Worry not about this as human to human contact will always differentiate a business in the staffing scene.  Rather - look at AI as an opportunity to streamline your operation and see it is supplementing what you do.  Human Innovators and recruiting landscapes will need creativity and focused approaches of strong thought leaders.  You can make a difference and find success by being creative and innovative in how you "disrupt" your recruiting world.  Human beings can embrace change, and we need thoughtful and inspiring recruiters to lead the charge and lead the way.

2. You are Able To Help Build Careers. Helping professionals to build their careers is of vital importance to success.  There is no greater driver in this profession than that.  Day in and day out - you will be given moments of challenge, but the one motivator is being able to help a professional rise in their career. 

3. You Build Relationships with All Kinds of Professionals. At times you will be exposed to all manner of professional backgrounds, experience skill sets, etc.  But nothing is more invigorating, exciting, and interesting then engaging someone who is a Thought Leader in their field.  You will meet professionals who are just getting started, and work with mid-level, managerial, executive candidates across the spectrum.  There is something very uplifting about seeing different professionals succeed.

4.  Innovation & Recruiting Reinvention Will Open Doors.  Reinvention and Innovation will drive new Recruiting Mantras and outcomes.  It is important to see that technology will continue to shift.  Career Opportunities will open for Staffing Professionals out of the traditional disciplines.  I can think of many Recruiting Professionals who go on to own their own business, who disrupt the whole industry by new ways of viewing the world, and create new products to help stream-line the staffing function.  Doors opening as a result of new technologies, and new tools will open new industries, and new opportunities to invent, re-define, and innovate are abounding in our space.  

5. You Learn to Brand Yourself.  I can think of no other professional focus other than staffing that requires one to reinvent and rebrand themselves multiple times as changes come.  You learn as a staffing professional to brand yourself, to change your voice, you give yourself opportunity to shine and build partnerships across boundaries. You learn to find your voice, and stand out in a crowd.  You learn business discretion, and when to stand up firmly for a cause. 

6. You are Taken Out of Your Comfort Zone. Recruiting takes you out of your comfort zone, and that is a good thing.  It is inspiring to find yourself finding success and building success after you learned to overcome areas you never thought possible.  Staffing allows you to do this.  Do you remember the first time you made a cold call to a candidate?  Do you remember your first intake session with a manager?  Over time you learn to reinvent and overcome your comfort areas, and as a recruiter grows so too does their confidence.  No other profession may challenge you as much, or give you a greater return on investment.

7.  You are The First To Learn New Technologies.  We are the first to learn new technologies and focus on new ways of doing business.  We engage candidates in new and innovative ways.  Video Conference interviews, Company Events, and many more steps allow you to be strategic in how you engage talent. 

8.  You have a Built In Support System for your Career.  Regardless of what happens in industry you always have a built in network.  Recruiters/Staffing Professionals are some of the most supportive people I know.  It's because of this I feel grateful to have this line of work because I know if something ever were to happen with layoffs, an economic shift, etc, I would always have a ready network to help me get back on my footing again.

9.  You Are in A Position to Give Back.  We all play the role of Career Coach at times, and that gives us power to help others success.  I don't think anything is more rewarding than hearing a candidate say "Thank You" for giving them hope in their job search, or giving resume advice, or a hand up.  I greatly enjoy that.

10. You get to See Even the Toughest Managers Show Appreciation.  The most fulfilling of all outcomes is knowing that you made a difference for the toughest of hiring managers, resolving a search that tested your recruiting mettle and finally making a match that helps build confidence and removes the anxiety that manager felt.

That about sums it up.  You are indeed the pilot of your career and on the way can help others to "Fly".  I think I am very blessed to be in this profession.  As I attended SourceCon last week I learned some valuable focus points that should help me continue to build my staffing "wings".  But here we are in one of the GREATEST professions on earth.  Despite the changes that may come, staffing will always be there.  No amount of change in technology or in our tools will ever take away the human element of staffing.  I still firmly believe that.  And growing one's success is what staffing is all about.

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